Bean is an adorable terrier mix who came to the Society through one of our rescue partners in Oklahoma. We’re thrilled to have been able to have brought this sweet little guy to the windy city.

This young and spunky puppy was with us for only a short time when he became ill with kennel cough. So off to foster he went! And we’re happy to report that this little dude is thriving in his foster’s home.

Here’s an update that we received from Bean’s foster just this morning:

Bean is a 5 month old terrier mix with a tail that never stops wagging! I’ve had him for 2 weeks and he’s a hoot. Young and excited, and interested in everything!

Bean 2Bean (aka Beany Boy) is a smart cookie. He’s learned sit and touch (so far only in the house – outside on walks is too stimulating for him right now) and we are working on wait and curbing his puppy mouthiness. He’s been amazing with housetraining. When he wants to go out he goes to the gate and I take him to the back yard where he does his business in a flash. There’s been no pottying in the house for the last 4 days! That means it only took 10 days for him to get the hang of it! Like I said – smart!
Bean 4Bean loves going on walks, though his leash manners need some work. Once spring finally comes we will spend more time cruising the neighborhood and that will improve.

Unfortunately right now walks are for exploring not pottying. With longer walks that will also improve.

Bean 1Bean is crate trained. From the beginning he hasn’t made a mess in his crate (except for knocking over his water bowl a couple of times). He willingly goes into his crate at night and sometimes just for a nap. When he’s crated and I leave the room for more than 5 minutes he sometimes lets out a few whines and yips, but it never lasts more than a few minutes and he settles right down.

Bean 5

Bean is a sweetie and loves to cuddle on the couch – a chin rub is his favorite thing. Sometimes I think he has no bones – I wish I could get a video of him sliding off the couch head first and landing in a puddle of puppy! But he is an energetic puppy and it’s nice having a couple of Westies to chase him around in the back yard! You should have seen him this afternoon chasing leaves blowing in the wind. Priceless!

If you’re interested in potentially adopting little Bean, or joining our team of foster volunteers, send us an email to: foster@anticruelty.org

bean 3

Tasha Update

tasha 7

We just received these fun photos and update on foster belle Tasha! She’s continuing to flourish in her foster’s care.

Tasha is doing well. Her and the other dogs have become quick friends – playing a lot together every day. She loves going on walks and has a very hearty appetite. Her leg seems to be healing better. She still limps but less often now than when we first started fostering her. She is a playful pup with lots of energy and love to give!

We hope to see her back in the shelter and ready to hit the adoption floor in a couple of weeks.

tasha 6 tasha 5 tasha 3tasha 4

Tasha: In Foster CareTasha is a stunning and petite 10 month old Pit Bull Terrier Mix who came to The Anti-Cruelty Society when her owners were moving and could not take her along.

Upon arriving at the Society, our veterinary staff found that she had a poorly healed fracture on her leg that was causing  a limp. This, combined with a mild case of kennel cough, made Tasha the perfect candidate for our foster program.

She has been in her foster parents’ care for the past month and is flourishing. Having the opportunity to rest in a home environment while her leg finishes healing and her kennel cough resolves, Tasha has been the recipient of much TLC from her fosters and their resident dogs.

“Tasha is doing well. She is getting along with the other two dogs in the house. She occasionally is limping on her left front leg that is still healing. It seems fine if she’s been moving around for awhile, but if she’s been sitting or caged for any period of time, it’s definitely noticeable that she’s limping. We’ve been trying to have her rest as much as possible but sometimes it’s hard because she wants to play with the other dogs.”Tasha will be returning to the Society in the next few weeks upon which she’ll enter our adoption room to look for her new home.

If you’d be interested in meeting this incredible pup in person, or are interested in joining our foster program, contact our foster team at: foster@anticruelty.org

Tasha: Pit Bull Puppy Anti-Cruelty Society

A Tale of Two Kitties:

sharon 2

Almost three weeks ago my husband and I began fostering two five-month old kittens. They are named Spot and Silver. These little tykes were frightened of almost everything, from the sound of a heater cycling on to unfamiliar toys and everything in between. But most of all these kittens were frightened of people. We have been foster providers for some years now, and even fostered a batch of feral kittens, but no kittens from the past came close to the level of fright displayed by these two. For example, when they first came to our house, they refused to leave their transport boxes! Both were skittish, with one (Silver) more so than the other.

sharonSo we let them settle in – we have a “foster room” in our house that has cozy nooks for hiding, a cat tree for looking into the yard, and other cat-friendly contents. We interacted with them multiple times every day and used the age-old method of offering tempting treats in exchange for the ability to rub under the chin or on the top of the head. At first, they would have nothing of it. By day five, this method was beginning to work, although they would still scatter when we came into the room. I wasn’t confident that they would become completely comfortable with us, much less folks that they hadn’t met yet. We also kept talking to them in soothing tones, and toward the beginning of week two, they would come toward us when we talked to them.

sharon 1Now, as we enter week three, they are becoming ordinary kitties. Silver (the more timid) has become the one who now loves to be touched and loves attention. We can even pick her up! Spot is still nervous but will come to us and let us rub her, but on her terms. They both love running around the exploring, even outside the foster room, and they now run TOWARD us when we come into the room. These kitties provided us our greatest foster challenge to date and it is so gratifying to see the positive changes come over the both of them. I am now very hopeful that by the time we return them, these two will be ready to meet other human folks without being fearful.

sharon 3

Adopted! Kat

Kat 1

After being at the shelter for awhile, Kat became lethargic, cranky and had lost several pounds because she didn’t eat much so it was decided that she would take a “shelter vacation”.

Kat has truly blossomed in a home environment!  Kat now loves to eat both canned and dry food.  She has gained back the weight she lost and then some.

Kat’s true personality has also emerged in a home environment.  Kat is funny, feisty, friendly and fearless! Kat really enjoys being around people and will rub up against visitors and occasionally will even jump in their lap.  Kat also will sleep in my bed at night and often will come lay on me and let me rub her chin and cuddle.

kat 2Kat’s feistiness comes out occasionally when I pet her.  Once she is done with me, she will lightly tap my hand or arm to tell me to stop.  If I don’t stop, then she likes to playbite so she probably is not suitable for small children.

Kat also loves to play, especially with dangly toys and things that she can chase.  She also loves to roll around in catnip.  Kat sometimes makes weird growling noises when she plays, which is absolutely adorable.

When Kat came to the shelter, she was matted so she was shaved except for around her head and paws.  Her fur is growing back in a slightly uneven manner and looks really cute.

Kat is a beautiful cat with a bright and bold personality.  I absolutely love her but I am not sure that my other cats feel the same way.  She really deserves a loving forever home.

If you’d be interested in meeting this incredible kitty – please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org for details!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for our foster blog – helping us look back at a magnificent year through this life-saving program. Here’s a peak at all we accomplished on this micro site:

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Adopted! Bitsy


Bitsy a very sweet and submissive puppy who is approximately 3 1/2 months old.  She was initially placed into foster care to recover from kennel cough.  She was quickly symptom free of the illness but needed a little additional time in foster care for social development support.


Bitsy is initially timid when meeting new people and may not quickly approach to say “hi”.  Her usual default in this situation is to roll on her back and expose her belly.  When given time and space to assess the situation, she will eventually and cautiously approach on her own to offer a gentle greeting.  Rambunctious children are a bit frightening to her.  She is immediately more confident and playful in the company of socially appropriate dogs.


Her crate is her safe haven when she becomes overwhelmed.  Bitsy will seek her crate to take a break.  She also sleeps peacefully through the night listening to soothing soundscapes of the ocean.


Although not fully house trained, Bitsy will routinely use the potty pads in her x-pen enclosure.

Bitsy would blossom in a home with another balanced dog to help boost her confidence and with people who will nurture her social development by carefully introducing her to new experiences.



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