brody 3Brody is an adorable 4 month old Jack Russell Terrier Mix who was sent out to foster earlier this month to give him a chance to beef up and heal from his previous owner’s negligence. We just received an update on how this little guy is doing from his foster parents and wanted to share!

brody 7Brody is a little dog with a huge heart!  (He stole our hearts the first day we met him!)  He’s a happy fellow whose tail is nearly always wagging and he is extremely affectionate.  He gets along well with children, adults, cats (sort of) and good-natured bigger dogs.

He’s very playful and incredibly agile – he runs circles around our bigger dogs and easily jumps our household gate.  When he’s not playing, he’s happy to cuddle with anyone who has an open lap.  During the day, he generally naps with his foster siblings.

brody 6At night, he prefers to sleep in a dog bed near our bed (or in some cases in our bed).  He can go all night without an accident if he goes out just before bed and again first thing in the morning and he seldom has accidents during the day if he’s let out frequently.

Since Brody is so active, he would probably benefit from a fenced yard and/or a compatible dog companion.  Brody sometimes gets excited when playing with our bigger dogs and forgets his manners.  They tolerate his behavior fairly well but other dogs may not appreciate his spunk.  It would be wise to arrange a meet and greet with any dogs who might possibly share a home with Brody.

Overall, Brody is an absolute joy who will fit in nicely in any suitable home.

If you would be interested in potentially meeting and adopting this little pup, please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.orgbrody 8

Bones In Foster Care

“Bones is transitioning very well, he’s a delight!”- says foster mom, Rebecca Cain. Bones is getting along well with her dog, Bijou and learning the perks of living in a home, such as watching football. ;) Like many young pups, he is a bit of a chewer so Rebecca has been working to redirect this to chew toys. He enjoys chasing (not yet retrieving) balls and chewing on Bones. He has also had a pretty steady appetite, so we hope he gets some of those extra pounds on quickly so he can be adoption ready.

Thanks so much Rebecca! You are doing great with your first foster dog!

Bijou & Bones Bones w_ bone

If you are interested in fostering be sure to email foster@anticruelty.org.

“We are brother & sister from the same litter; born July 30, 2014. When we came to our foster home we both weighed in at less than 1-1/2 lbs. each. We weigh a lot more than that now.  We are loving, gentle, funny, and playful; and we both eat well and drink lots of water…. (Yes, we use the litter box).

We are both happy & lively in the morning; but we don’t wake up the house. We love to play hard & soon after, we are ready for our naps! We like to play a lot after our foster mom comes back & then we finally eat our dinner.  (Sometimes, play-time is more important as you may know) Then we both settle in very nicely before 10pm & sleep thru the night…..Sometimes we watch bad TV & fall asleep even sooner!”

Harry & Hermoine’s foster will be at the Foster Adoption Event held at First Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church if you would like to speak with her about the two kittens.

Harry Potterthe potter kittensHermoine

If you have any questions regarding fostering or Harry and Hermoine, please contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.

I had the pleasure of taking MJ home with me Tuesday evening to begin the Foster to Forever program! So I hope you all got your goodbyes in beforehand, because he won’t be returning to the shelter!

This little man was a bit nervous the first night I brought him to my home, but he has already begun taking over! This morning he was sure to tell me that living in just one room was not enough. So as of this morning he has access to two rooms now. I’m just waiting for the eviction notice for when he decides to take the whole apartment for himself!

Back to the point, MJ is a really affectionate cat. He was rubbing against my legs all morning looking for pets. He is also enjoying the views from our top floor apartment. He has been gazing at all the squirrels in the trees and birds that fly by. MJ partied hard with my two cats last night as well! He had a great time rolling around in some catnip. I feel that he would be just wonderful with other cats. He seems to get a little lonely when he is all by himself. I have not introduced him to my two large dogs yet, but I will keep you posted on how he interacts with them. Now for the pics!

MJ!MJ in Foster MJ Let me in!

To learn more about MJ and the Foster to Forever program be sure to email foster@anticruelty.org! Also check out anticruelty.org.

Mary Raines has given us the latest on how Nil is doing! Nil is a real high energy pup that loves to roughhouse with Mary’s one-year-old dog. Nil is also doing famously with Mary’s young children. Just an all around good and playful pup! An amusing trick that he has learned in foster is to flirt to get what he wants (usually for food). Such a tease!

Also worth noting, he is doing well with his potty training. He is still very young and has little accidents on occasion, but does know to relieve himself outside in the yard.

Nil foster pic

If you would like to know more about Nil please contact myself at sbruno@anticruelty.org or Lydia at lkrupinski@anticruelty.org. To learn more about fostering go to our website at anticruelty.org.

Adopted! Daisy

Laura D. has updated us on sweet foster kitten, Daisy! She is making herself at home at getting big and strong. She loves having a buddy to play with and getting into kitty mischief like hiding in bowls. :)



If you are interested in learning more about Daisy or becoming a foster, you can email myself or Lydia at sbruno@anticruelty.org or lkrupinski@anticruelty.org. Also be sure to check out our website at anticruelty.org.

Harry and Hermoine are doing magically in foster care with Anne Vopat! She has provided us with some adorable pictures of the kittens and an update on how they are doing.

“The kitties are doing WONDERFULLY; they are eating, drinking & playing and having a wonderful time…..they currently are weighing in at 1.7 & 1.8 lbs.”

P9210948 P9210952  P9211039 P9211058 If you would like more information on Harry and Hermoine please contact us at sbruno@anticruelty.org or lkrupinski@anticruelty.org.You can also send us an email if you are interested in becoming a foster parent. More information can be found at anticruelty.org.


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