Transferred: Jessie

Jessie: In Foster Carejessie 1jessie 4jessie 2***Jessie Update 2/7/14: Please note that Jessie has been transferred into foster care with our buddies at Be Fido’s Friends and is currently available for adoption through them.

Jessie has been through quite the whirlwind in her short young life. She was adopted, became sick with kennel cough, broke her leg, returned to the shelter, went to foster care where her leg heeled, flared out with demodex mange and is finally starting to balance out.

This beautiful and spirited puppy has been through so much, and despite, still has a fantastic attitude and zeal for life! She’ll be coming in today with her foster mom for another medical check-up – and if all looks good – will be heading to an adoptive home soon!

Help us attempt to recruit adopters so our beloved Jessie can be home for the holiday by sharing this post with your family and friends! Interested parties can contact us at: foster@anticruelty.org

Adopted: Dasher

Dasher: Shepherd Newfoundland Mix for Adoption

You know Dasher and Dancer, Donner and Cupid – but do you know this Dasher?!

Introducing one of the cutest fur-ball, we’re not really even sure it’s not a bear cub, puppies that’s ever hit the foster scene! This adorable mixed breed pup is a bundle of cuddly fun! Having gone out into foster care for being a touch too young for adoption, Dasher is now of-age and ready to find her forever home!

Here’s a quick write-up about this adorable gal from her foster mom:

dasher 2Although Dasher has only been with me less than two weeks, she has proved to be a lovely visitor.

Dasher is working on potty training.  She clearly lets me know at night when she needs to go outside and is starting to run to the back door during the day.

Although never left alone unsupervised, Dasher does spend a good bit of her time while I’m working at home playing with her toys in the living room outside of her pen.  She shows a great interest in the cats and does chase them, but never maliciously, only to play.  She has taken several bops on the head from my younger cat and is more respectful of his personal space although continues to play bow to him to try and engage him.

dasher and santaAs with all puppies Dasher needs to be occupied.  She has several Nylabones and rawhides to occupy her puppy teeth and her favorite toy has become a crinkly cat toy.  She LOVES the noise it makes and therefore has yet to tear it apart.

Dasher is happy to meet new people and even sat quietly on Santa’s lap this past weekend.

As I started to work on crate training, it became clear Dasher doesn’t like to be confined in a crate, but she does great in the pen in my living room and bedroom.  Dasher loves to be with her people so is a little sad when I leave, but quickly settles in the pen with her variety of toys.

Dasher: Available for AdoptionWe’re also working on “sit”, “off”, and “wait” and she is quite treat motivated! She settles nicely when she gets overly rambunctious and does well when having her nails trimmed an when being brushed

Dasher will be a big girl when grown as we think she is a Newfoundland/Shepherd mix.  Dasher will be done with her meds for kennel cough on December 24th and will be available as soon as she is spayed.

If you’re interested in meeting this adorable pup in person – contact us at foster@anticruelty.org. We’ll send you additional details and discuss next steps.

Dasher: Foster Dog

Little Jessie Peg-Leg

Jessie 1

She has very elegant lines.

Well, she’s only temporarily a peg-leg; the cast should be coming off the first week in December.

Jessie is a four month old lab mix puppy (though I suspect there is a fair amount of hound in there, judging from her gait and the smell of her coat and the occasional yodel). I’ve had her for about two weeks, now, and she is without a doubt one of the most peaceable, even-tempered puppies I’ve ever met. She doesn’t bark, she doesn’t fuss, and for such a young dog she has very impressive bite inhibition.

One of the many good things about this glossy little girl is that she has been largely self-training; I was going to give her some time to settle into the house before starting on puppy training, and so far I’ve had to do nothing formal with her – she has basically crate-trained herself, is mostly housebroken (with a few accidents that I blame on myself for not paying attention to her signals),  she knows to wait on the kitchen rug for me to wipe her feet after walks, and she can do “sit” and “down” without verbal commands. The only thing we’ve been working on deliberately is “look at me”, because when my birds are flying around the house I don’t want her to fixate on them. So far, so good; she’s curious about them, but she has not exhibited any kind of stalking behavior, and is easily distracted from them even when they are flying fairly close to her. This bodes well for a future forever family with small animals.

Jessie 3

I like how she hoists that cast up over her head to get it out of the way.

One of her most endearing traits is her easy lope. I have yet to see her walk anywhere, no matter how short the distance; she has a slow lope, and she has a fast lope, but nothing that resembles a walk. She also has an adorable high-stepping prance that she uses whenever she chases a ball or sees someone that she wants to meet. She has a lot of stamina for walks (lopes), and the peg-leg doesn’t slow her down at all (though it does tend to make her drift to the side a bit). In the house, she settles down quickly with her toys. She does sleep a lot, but between the leg healing and just being a puppy that’s nothing unusual.

Jessie wants to meet EVERYONE – men, women, children, guys in uniform, women pushing carts, joggers, cyclists, dogs of all shapes and sizes  - she doesn’t care, she’ll go right up to them and solicit attention. She started out a little skittish around loud vehicles like buses and garbage trucks, but in our daily walks I’ve been desensitizing her to the roar of machinery, and now her only response is curiosity.

She’s a lovely dog, and I’m looking forward to watching her development over the next few weeks. Maybe some nose work…certainly she’s already a star when it comes to finding my socks. :)

Update: December 5, 2013

2013-11-30 14.38.08 copy

Jessie on her first long walk through Lincoln Park.

Jessie got her cast off a little earlier than expected, on November 22, so I brought her back to home to work on regaining her strength and range of motion, and give her some time to bolster her immune system, which took a hit during the stress of the break. Within a week or so she was using her former peg-leg almost all the time, and now almost two weeks later she is cavorting and spinning and jumping up on furniture (with permission) as if there was never a problem. She doesn’t have as much muscle mass on the leg that had the cast, but with adequate feeding and exercise it is coming along nicely.

Her personality continues to be delightful; she’s polite, makes great eye contact, checks in a lot (without prompting), and is perfectly happy in her crate. She does prefer to have her person in the room with her; I have her wire crate in my living room, so she can still be a part of the activities even when the crate door is closed. She’ll also sit nicely in the tub during bath time.

Jessie, worn out from her vet visit.

Jessie, worn out from her vet visit.

Right now we’re working on “touch” and better leash manners. Her leash manners are generally pretty good, but she does get very puppy-excited whenever she sees a person-dog-leaf going by. She’s fairly easy to distract, though, so the behavior doesn’t become problematic.  She has shown zero resource-guarding behavior, and has a good, solid “drop it”, which came in handy the other day when she scooped up a dead rat during our morning walk.  I only had to tell her twice before she surrendered her prize, though I have to admit the command was delivered in a very shrieky tone of voice. (I politely declined the puppy kisses for the rest of the day.)

She has a hearty appetite, and has never refused any piece of kibble. I’ve learned the hard way not to give dogs people food, so her tolerance for table scraps is unknown. I do give her a spoonful of yogurt with her morning meal, just to keep her gut flora healthy (not that we’ve had any problems on that front).

Performing her heated back bolster duties.

Performing her heated back bolster duties.

The bare patches around her eyes and in her armpits (from the stress of the broken leg) are starting to fuzz over again, so she should be looking pretty good in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the panda eyes are kind of endearing.

The paw touch and soulful gaze are irresistible.

The paw touch and soulful gaze are irresistible.

If you’re interested in meeting this darn near perfect puppy, please contact The Anti-Cruelty Society at 312.644.8338, or email foster@anticruelty.org.

Update: December 7, 2013

I just had to share these cute pictures of Jessie with Santa.

jessie frame

Update: December 10, 2013 – a word about housetraining

Even though she’s just a puppy, Jessie has almost perfect doggy bathroom habits. I do take her out on a regular schedule – between 6:30-7:00 am, 10:30-11:00 am, 2:30-3:00 pm, 6:30-7:00 pm, and for one last pee between 9:30 – 10:00 pm. (We’re working on gradually extending the time between outings, with the goal of getting it down to 4x/day.) Overnight, she sleeps quietly until she hears me stirring in the morning (or when my birds start squawking to be let out). No overnight messes, and in the month I’ve had her she’s only peed on the floor three times (all my fault, because I just wasn’t paying attention to what she was telling me). Occasionally, she will need an extra potty break outside of the usual schedule, and she will always tell me very clearly what she needs by going to the front door, walking back to me, going back to the front door, and staring meaningfully until I get my coat on and take her out. I’ve fostered older dogs with much less control than that, and words cannot express how appreciative I am that I don’t have to spend most of my time running around cleaning up after her.

Another great thing about Jessie is that she does her business quickly and without fuss – no walking around in the freezing cold waiting for an engraved invitation. She pees in the same spot every time, and she poops in the same area every time. She does prefer to do her business in the bushes, but I can’t tell if that is a pre-existing preference or if it’s just because that is the place where I always take her.  In this weather, the quick taking care of business is much appreciated. :)

Update: December 17, 2013

This puppy is impervious to bad weather. Snow, rain, ice, slush – she just plows right through it and enjoys the heck out of herself in the process.

We’ve been working on basic training a lot lately (because some of us don’t want to spend THAT much time outside, knee deep in snow). She developed a pretty solid “touch” over the course of only a few short sessions, and the other day we added “high five” into the mix.  Last night, we did a sequence of “sit”, “touch”, and “high five”, all without verbal cues.  She’s such a smartypants.

Jessie LOVES snow!

Jessie LOVES snow!

Adopted! Kat

Kat 3

Kat is a beautiful 6 year old Domestic Short Hair who was sent out to foster care for a shelter vacation in mid-September.

Declining in sociability, not eating, and beginning to lose weight, Kat began to show us signs that the stress of the shelter was taking a big toll on her well-being, which is why she was nominated for a break from the facility.

Kat has now been in foster care for over a month and has made incredible strides in that time. Here’s the latest update we received from her super-foster Debbie:

After being at the shelter for awhile, Kat became lethargic, cranky and didn’t eat much so it was decided that she would take a “shelter vacation”.

Kat was quite friendly once she came to my house and started head butting my hand right away and she easily roamed around the room but she didn’t always want to be touched.  Kat started eating normally after about five days.

As the weeks have gone by, Kat has really blossomed in a home environment. Kat’s appetite has improved dramatically and she has gained about two pounds.  Her favorite foods are canned tuna, Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp and Deli-Cat.  She always greets me when I enter her room and meows at me when I bring her food.

kat 4Initially, Kat would let me pet her and sit by her but would definitely let me know when she wanted me to stop by tapping her paw on my arm, play biting or gently swatting.  Now, she lets me pet her all the time and loves to have her chin scratched!  She also will sleep next to me (although she isn’t cuddling yet) and has laid on my lap a few times.   Kat will still let me know when she wants me to stop touching her but it occurs far less often then when she first arrived at my home.

Kat loves to play with dangly toys and will chase the toy and roll around the floor.  She also loves catnip nibblers and will chew on them for quite some time.

Kat has been friendly with people that have come by my apartment.  She went up to my niece and went right on her lap and walked around and sniffed her.  Kat genuinely seems to like people but is occasionally a little wary.

KatKat seems to want to interact with my cats.  During her first meeting with one of my cats, they touched noses.  However, when my cats became aggressive then she became aggressive back and swatted and hissed.  Ideally, she should be the only cat but she probably could live with a calm cat if introduced properly.

I recommend that Kat stay in adult-only household.  She can be a little unpredictable if provoked (e.g., another cat riles her up) and may hiss or growl or slightly lunge at you.  However, she has never scratched me and only has done some mild play biting.

Overall, Kat is a sweet, funny cat with some diva tendencies.  I think she will continue to blossom once she is adopted and finds her forever home!

If you are interested in meeting this wonderful cat in person – please connect with our foster team at: foster@anticruelty.org We’d love for you to get to know this beautiful kitty in person!


bailey 6

Bailey’s foster parents sent us another update on her progress that we’re eager to share with those of you following her story.

Here’s the latest on this big-little-lady:

bailey 4 bailey 7Bailey is continuing to do well in our home. Any inhibitions are out the window, she is a full on active and playful puppy.

She does a great job eating her food and drinking water consistently throughout the day. She has been taking her medicine (for kennel cough) each morning and each evening and I haven’t heard her cough in days.

While she is never excited to go outside, she will go to the door when she does need to go to the bathroom and often won’t resist being taken outside if she does have to go. When outside, she used to bolt for the front door when she was done with her business, but now she will kind of hang out for a moment and check out what’s going on around her.  I think at this point, she only goes to the bathroom in the house in a stressful situation.

She loves to spend time on our back porch, leaving me  to think that she is comfortable in a quiet, enclosed space outside much more than a loud, open outdoor space. When i tried to get her on the porch the first few days she was in our home, she wouldn’t come out for more than 5 seconds. Now she sits out there for hours. I think that’s a lot of progress in just a few days! 

She responds very well to positive reinforcement (thanks Anti Cruelty for the helpful articles!) so lately I have been giving her a lot of praise for just sitting down and staying down because she has so much energy and she is such a big pup for our small apartment. As a result, she is running around a lot less than before and our house is feeling less and less like play yard for this puppy everyday.

This next week, my goal will be a short walk everyday and continuing to teach her basic commands (sit , stay, lay, come , etc) I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

Check back later this week for more updates on this incredible dog! And if you’re interested in potentially adopting Bailey, or would like to learn more about our foster program, send an email to: foster@anticruelty.org

bailey 5

Adopted! Bailey

bailey 1

Have you ever met a dog who melts your heart with a single glance? We have! Bailey is a super sweet, but incredibly stressed and shy Bernese Mountain Dog Great Pyrenees Mix who came to the shelter when her original owners could no longer care for her.

bailey 2Once in our care, it was clear that a kennel in a loud, stress-inducing dog room was not a good fit. The poor girl would slink off to the farthest corner of her cage, roll up in a ball, and shake herself to sleep. Realizing that our environment was not suitable for this pup, we called upon our foster team to see if someone’s heart and home was open to take in this sweet dog. And that’s when foster parent Laura came to the rescue!

Coming in to meet Bailey one-on-one, Laura and her husband were determined to help this dog. After a meet and greet and info session with one of our Behavior Specialists, she was ready to commit to bringing Bailey home for some much needed R&R. And boy are we glad she did!

Since entering foster care last week, Laura has been sending us many updates on our dear Bailey. Here’s a glimpse at her first couple of days:

Friday, October 11th-

Hi all, just wanted to give you an update on Bailey.

She did so well on the car ride home. When I got her into the house she initially hid behind the chair but within minutes was out and sitting next to me (as I tried to assemble her X-Pen). Within an hour she was laying in my lap. She ate all her food, she consistently Drinks water, and she was really calm and relaxed all night. She did an absolutely wonderful job.

My husband came home around 10 o’clock and that’s when things changed a bit. She started barking at him and she was so scared she went to the bathroom on the spot. I had my husband just sit down and for the next two hours she kept trying to get closer to him. You could tell she was scared but that she was interested in getting to know him. I think this is a really good sign.

And then, after a couple of days, lots of work, and patience, the fosters sent the following email, showcasing Bailey’s incredible progress:

Monday, October 14th-

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Just wanted to give you another Bailey update:

She is doing so well! I am so proud of the progress that she makes each and every day. This weekend she got to spend a lot more time with my husband (who she was originally really scared of) and now she is snuggling in bed with him! She is still a little timid when he is standing up and walking towards her, but once he is sitting or laying down, she’s pretty comfortable. She is still really attached to me and follows me everywhere. I would like to get to the point where just because I leave a room, doesn’t mean she has to leave the room too and just because I sit down, doesn’t mean she has to sit in my lap (she has no idea what a big girl she is!).

We also focused on trying to get Bailey outside some more this weekend since she HATES to go outside. Getting her out just 2 times a day to go to the bathroom is the most we can get her out. Since it was so nice this weekend, we had her on our back porch and she did great. We kept the door to get back into the house open the whole time, but she stayed out with us on the porch. Last Friday, I couldn’t even get her to step foot on that back porch for more than a few seconds. Yesterday she spent a few hours out there.

So, pretty much all good news here! She is pretty much potty trained, she is eating her dog food (plus some people food) takes her medicine, drinks lots of water.

Bailey: Bernese Mountain Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy from The Anti-Cruelty SocietyWe are so excited to see how, in just a few days, Bailey has come out of her shell and is beginning to trust and bond to her foster parents.

Fostering a fearful dog can be one of the most difficult projects a volunteer can undertake. But knowing that you can have an opportunity to save a pet’s life is all it takes to rally an animal lover to jump in and help out. This is why we count our foster volunteers as some of the most valuable helpers on our team!

We are eager to hear more on Bailey’s progress in the coming days and will keep you posted. Please share this blog post to help us get the word out about this incredible dog – and to help us find her a new forever home!

Adopted! I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Lucy has come so far during her foster period at our home. With consistency and praise, she is now 90% housebroken, having come to us not knowing the difference between outdoor plumbing and indoor plumbing. She is so fun, and gets praised by all our neighbors and friends for her cuteness and sweet demeanor. Please consider adopting her and spending time training her to be the great dog she wants to be!! She deserves a loving couple or family to spend her life with.

To keep track of Lucy’s adoption floor debut, visit our Adoption Gallery here.


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