July 20 we will be holding an adoption even at West Elm with eight adoptable animals and we are SO excited. Stop by West Elm Chicago to not only shop for furniture, but to see what animals are available for adoption from The Anti-Cruelty Society! There will be 4 cats and 4 dogs ready to go home on the spot, so if you are in the market for a new furry friend, stop by this adoption event to meet with some great animals! Stop by and meet them!

One dollar cat days are here and we couldn’t be any more excited! This weekend all our cats five months and older are available for an adoption fee of only one dollar! We are very optimistic that this event will get many cats adopted and drive us further into the challenge.


Here’s a look at one of the cats available for one dollar this weekend:


Kiki is an adorable little girl who came to the shelter when her former family was moving and couldn’t take her along. Kiki can start off a bit shy, but not to worry — this little lady warms up quickly when a fun kitty toy is dangled about! Gentle and sweet, stop on by and say hello to Kiki today!

Junior is available for adoption and is currently in foster care. photo 1

When Junior came to us it was found that this rambunctious little guy had been injured with a set of bb gun pellets in his back leg.  He is in foster care to give him time to recover from that injury. Although, it doesn’t seem to be stopping him from playing with his foster sibling!


His foster mom adores him and says that he “He is a little scared of new people while walking, but we work with him and he usually calms down. He’s friendly with other dogs, but is very forward, so keeping him in check is best just in case the other dog doesn’t approve of his forward nature. I don’t believe this little guy has a mean bone in his body, he’s just extremely curious and that can be read the wrong way if encountered by the wrong dog! He plays well, no signs of being mouthy at all. He learned to drop-it before he fetches and that seems to keep his energy in check. He can become over excited and jumps a little, but nothing that can’t be corrected. With the right control of playing he’s a ton of fun! The only toy he seems to play with is a tennis ball :) After about 10-15 minutes of fetching the ball he calms down and passes out on the floor, so he can be tired with a little exercise. He sleeps well through the night in his crate. He cried a little the first two nights we had him and that’s been it. We keep his crate covered with a sheet while he sleeps and he waits patiently in there till we’re ready to walk him. So far he’s only had a couple of accidents in the house, but that was just his initial marking’, not because he couldn’t hold it. We caught him marking’, simply told him no and that was all. Otherwise, he’s totally house and crate trained. Junior is a wonderful dog, he really just wants to be your companion and friend! He follows me around and will sleep in whatever room I’m in. He’s very smart, and with the proper training and the right person, he’d be the perfect little love bug!”

photo 2

As you can see here Junior has a little bit of pug mixed into him, but gets his size from his terrier side.

photo 1

If you’d be interested in meeting this little guy contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.

Meet Luna, Star, and Moonbeam! Living it up before they go off to find their forever homes.

photo phjoto omg

These little guys will be going up for adoption soon so keep an eye out for them.

Each Spring shelters are flooded with an influx of kittens known as ‘kitten season’.  The kittens born join the millions of other cats that don’t have homes.  With all the kittens born it’s no surprise that June is national Adopt-a-Cat month.  With all the new cats coming into the shelter it is more important now than ever to find cats permanent or temporary homes.  Becoming a foster parent to one of the thousands of kittens born this year is an important transitional step in finding them a forever home.  Fostering makes a huge impact on the lives of the animals and gives them the love and comfort they need.  That being said these kittens are loving their foster home!

P6240707 P6240714 P6240717 P6260766 P6260768

BeachBall Bikini Shades Sugar TheFourSibs

Meet Sugar, Shades, Beachball, and Bikini.  These fun guys are sure to please.  Foster kittens are always fun, but they require a lot of effort and attention.  Come meet them today!

Our main foster candidates page is back up and running – yay!

You can view a full list of animals currently awaiting foster placement at the following link:



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