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Marvin is an energetic, majestic and social boy who came to the Society from a shelter in the south. This striking looking Coonhound is 8 months old and ready for his forever home! As a part of the Foster to Foster program, Marvin is available for adoption while he’s in his foster’s care.

Here’s an update on how this exuberant pup is fairing with his foster:

marvin 4Marvin has been a joy to have around. We went to the hot dog festival on his first day with me and he met a ton of people, including kids and other dogs. There was a lot going on, and he just went with the flow. He allowed anyone and everyone to pet him, and would often roll on his back to encourage people to rub his belly!

I live in a condo building and was curious how he would do in this type of an environment. Well, he thinks he owns the elevators and plops down right in the middle (unless someone has take-out, then he is right next to them as their new best friend). He has also done great in the dog run area. He is very social and wants to meet everyone. He can become frustrated if he is not able to go meet the other dogs, and will show his frustration by barking. He can be a bit overwhelming to other dogs that are not as interested in meeting him! I have no doubt that he will learn the proper social skills with time and help from his new owners. As far as my condo, I am very proud to say that my neighbors do not even know that Marvin exists! He has not barked at anyone walking by, not even once! He seems to be a very confident dog who is not anxious when I am away. He has also not had an accident in the home, but I am making sure to take him out fairly often as I know he has not had extensive potty training in his past.

marvin 1Speaking of training, Marvin is learning new things on a daily basis! He is extremely food motivated and eager to please, so training is pretty simple with him! Because he has grown up in a shelter, he will need some basic training classes. My gut tells me that he will be the star student as he really seems to enjoy the mental challenge of training and the joy of making his owner happy.

Marvin loves to get exercise, and will walk or jog with me, as far as I want to go. He loves to play ball and to chase leaves. My favorite thing about him is that he will sit on a bench and people watch with me. He is the perfect balance of athletic and calm.

Because Marvin is such a social guy, he does love to snuggle. He will lean in when you pet him, and will try to sneak into bed. He is pretty hard to resist!

Marvin is very adaptable, and will likely fit into most living situations. He just wants his new owner to enjoy the outdoors, even if it’s just a walk around the block and to give him lots of belly rubs.

If you’d be interested in scheduling a meeting with this hunk in person – contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org


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Each Spring shelters are flooded with an influx of kittens known as ‘kitten season’.  The kittens born join the millions of other cats that don’t have homes.  With all the kittens born it’s no surprise that June is national Adopt-a-Cat month.  With all the new cats coming into the shelter it is more important now than ever to find cats permanent or temporary homes.  Becoming a foster parent to one of the thousands of kittens born this year is an important transitional step in finding them a forever home.  Fostering makes a huge impact on the lives of the animals and gives them the love and comfort they need.  That being said these kittens are loving their foster home!

P6240707 P6240714 P6240717 P6260766 P6260768

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BeachBall Bikini Shades Sugar TheFourSibs

Meet Sugar, Shades, Beachball, and Bikini.  These fun guys are sure to please.  Foster kittens are always fun, but they require a lot of effort and attention.  Come meet them today!

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New foster mom Mary  shared her first-ever foster experience with us in the hope of helping us do outreach for additional foster caretakers this summer. Here’s what she had to say about her first-time foster pooch Pee Wee and what it was like inviting him into her home:

Our First Foster Dog!

As mentioned in a prior post, I prefer dogs to people.  Really and truly.  I also wanted to start volunteering again. So, I combined the two and started fostering dogs for Anti-Cruelty. Here he is, our first foster, Peewee.
Peewee lived with us for a few weeks until he was old enough to be adopted.  How friggin’ CUTE is he?!!!!!  He was soooo much fun to have in our house but also a LOT of work.  With three dogs (two of which are puppies) and two kids and a husband who travels, my hands were full.  It was worth it, though.
I got to expel some of my motherly need for another baby (yes, my husband said no to a third – boo hoo) and the kids learned what it means to  “foster.” Fostering means to provide a temporary, safe home for an animal with the full intention of returning the animal in order for him to find his forever home.
Fostering isn’t for everyone.  A ton of people asked me how in the world I was going to give Peewee back.  Well, it isn’t like I didn’t think about this dilemma before I took on the task.  I knew it was going to be hard.  I knew we would get attached and I knew it would be painful to return him.  But that is all part of the lesson and the experience.
We are giving our hearts and our home, fully and completely, and then letting go.  And we will do it again.  And again.  And again.  As I said, I prefer dogs to people.  So they are always welcome in my home!!!  Until next time, SAHM!

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Bubbles 3

“Bubbles (or Bubs as we are calling her) is my first foster experience, and what a great experience it is!

Bubs is a wonderful companion pet with a great temperament and personality; she is extremely affectionate, and loves to be near people.    She is very sweet, calm, and likes to sit right next to you, especially when you are reading or watching TV.   She is a true companion, and shows it by constantly communicating.  She talks to me all the time-and it’s almost like she talks back when I call her.


She is such a pretty girl, and comes when she is called.  She likes to play with toys, and spends lots of time rolling around on her back, sometimes hugging toys.  She would be a very easy pet for someone who is older or has some limitations, because she is very low maintenance.  She is very happy eating hard food and hasn’t been too interested in soft food at all.   She does get excited when I shake the bag of treats, however!

Bubbles 5

If you could open your home to Bubs, you would have a wonderfully sweet companion to spend time with in your home.”

If you’re interested in potentially adopting Bubbles, please contact our foster team at: foster@anticruelty.org

bubbles 7

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Jessie: In Foster Carejessie 1jessie 4jessie 2***Jessie Update 2/7/14: Please note that Jessie has been transferred into foster care with our buddies at Be Fido’s Friends and is currently available for adoption through them.

Jessie has been through quite the whirlwind in her short young life. She was adopted, became sick with kennel cough, broke her leg, returned to the shelter, went to foster care where her leg heeled, flared out with demodex mange and is finally starting to balance out.

This beautiful and spirited puppy has been through so much, and despite, still has a fantastic attitude and zeal for life! She’ll be coming in today with her foster mom for another medical check-up – and if all looks good – will be heading to an adoptive home soon!

Help us attempt to recruit adopters so our beloved Jessie can be home for the holiday by sharing this post with your family and friends! Interested parties can contact us at: foster@anticruelty.org

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mitch, misha, michelle

Is there anything cuter than a kitten? Yes – three of them!

This trio of sweet baby cats is currently in foster care as they are too young for adoption. The foster sent us the following photos to show this team in action.

mitch, misha, michelle 4 mitch, misha, michelle 5 mitch, misha, michelle 6 mitch, misha, michelle 3 mitch, misha, michelle 2 mitch, misha, michelle 7

If you’re interested in joining our foster team, send us an email to: fosters@anticruelty.org

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PK 3

P.K. (short for “Puffy Kitten”) is an absolutely melt-your-heart adorable and sweet-as-can-be affectionate little girl.  Don’t let her seemingly timid appearance trick you.

PK 2This tiny ball of fuzz is also a real ball of energy, and playing is definitely her all-time favorite thing to do.  She can hear the sound of a toy being taken out for playtime from the other end of the house!  (Her favorite toys are teaser wands, especially the Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy with the little toy mouse at the end.)

P.K.’s second favorite thing to do is definitely to eat delicious canned wet kitten food – she doesn’t really seem to care what flavor it is, as long as it’s canned.  She can also hear the sound of a can opening for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time (but don’t forget other kinds of tasty kitty treats, as she adores those, too!) from the other end of the house as well!

PK 4When she’s not playing hard or eating hard, P.K. is sleeping hard.  She doesn’t always like being held (usually because she is too busy wanting to run around exploring and having fun), but she really loves cuddling up in your lap or right next to you during naptime.

P.K.’s foster mom is incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to this wonderful baby, but she is very excited that P.K. will be going to a forever home soon!

Please adopt P.K. today!!


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After three weeks of fostering Mack and Mango,

I’ve learned a few things worth sharing about feeding foster kittens:

Confining the chow hound under the laundry basket with her food at mealtime keeps her from eating the other kitten's food too!

Confining the chow hound under the laundry basket with her food at mealtime keeps her from eating the other kitten’s food too! If you want to feed two kittens individually and they won’t cooperate, put one kitten and it’s food under a laundry basket for meal time.  In our case this prevents Mango, the chow hound from eating all of her food and some of Mack’s too.

Kitten kibble ground in blender

Kitten kibble ground in blender.  Sprinkle the ground kibble on wet food to introduce the kittens to dry food.

If A/D food has worked for you, here is a very close substitute.  Same texture and similar ingredients

If A/D food has worked for you, here is a very close substitute. Same texture and similar ingredients

If your kitten has been started out on A/D prescription can food and you want a similar but nonprescription food, this baby cat food is remarkably similar to A/D in texture and ingredients. I bought this at Petco.  It’s kind of expensive but when Mack and Mango were not feeling well and were being picky eaters I was really glad to have it.  To offset some of the cost of the baby cat food, I found some inexpensive cat supplies shown below.

Inexpensive cat supplies ~ each item costs only a dollar at Dollartree.

Inexpensive cat supplies ~ each item costs only a dollar at Dollartree.

Clay kitty litter, a kitten size kid’s hair brush, ping pong balls and a cat toy wand were all purchased for a dollar each at Dollartree.  Bargain!!

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nugget and pumpkin

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of foster photos to brighten your day! And that’s exactly what we have for you!

nugget and pumpkin

Nugget and Pumpkin are two adorable kittens who just returned to the shelter after a four week stint in foster care. Sent out for being a wee bit too young for adoption – they’re now back at the shelter waiting for their neuter surgery before hitting the adoption floor. Check in to our Adoption Gallery each afternoon to see if they’ve  made their official debut!

nugget and pumpkin 3

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