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BeachBall Bikini Shades Sugar TheFourSibs

Meet Sugar, Shades, Beachball, and Bikini.  These fun guys are sure to please.  Foster kittens are always fun, but they require a lot of effort and attention.  Come meet them today!

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New foster mom Mary  shared her first-ever foster experience with us in the hope of helping us do outreach for additional foster caretakers this summer. Here’s what she had to say about her first-time foster pooch Pee Wee and what it was like inviting him into her home:

Our First Foster Dog!

As mentioned in a prior post, I prefer dogs to people.  Really and truly.  I also wanted to start volunteering again. So, I combined the two and started fostering dogs for Anti-Cruelty. Here he is, our first foster, Peewee.
Peewee lived with us for a few weeks until he was old enough to be adopted.  How friggin’ CUTE is he?!!!!!  He was soooo much fun to have in our house but also a LOT of work.  With three dogs (two of which are puppies) and two kids and a husband who travels, my hands were full.  It was worth it, though.
I got to expel some of my motherly need for another baby (yes, my husband said no to a third – boo hoo) and the kids learned what it means to  “foster.” Fostering means to provide a temporary, safe home for an animal with the full intention of returning the animal in order for him to find his forever home.
Fostering isn’t for everyone.  A ton of people asked me how in the world I was going to give Peewee back.  Well, it isn’t like I didn’t think about this dilemma before I took on the task.  I knew it was going to be hard.  I knew we would get attached and I knew it would be painful to return him.  But that is all part of the lesson and the experience.
We are giving our hearts and our home, fully and completely, and then letting go.  And we will do it again.  And again.  And again.  As I said, I prefer dogs to people.  So they are always welcome in my home!!!  Until next time, SAHM!

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Bean is an adorable terrier mix who came to the Society through one of our rescue partners in Oklahoma. We’re thrilled to have been able to have brought this sweet little guy to the windy city.

This young and spunky puppy was with us for only a short time when he became ill with kennel cough. So off to foster he went! And we’re happy to report that this little dude is thriving in his foster’s home.

Here’s an update that we received from Bean’s foster just this morning:

Bean is a 5 month old terrier mix with a tail that never stops wagging! I’ve had him for 2 weeks and he’s a hoot. Young and excited, and interested in everything!

Bean 2Bean (aka Beany Boy) is a smart cookie. He’s learned sit and touch (so far only in the house – outside on walks is too stimulating for him right now) and we are working on wait and curbing his puppy mouthiness. He’s been amazing with housetraining. When he wants to go out he goes to the gate and I take him to the back yard where he does his business in a flash. There’s been no pottying in the house for the last 4 days! That means it only took 10 days for him to get the hang of it! Like I said – smart!
Bean 4Bean loves going on walks, though his leash manners need some work. Once spring finally comes we will spend more time cruising the neighborhood and that will improve.

Unfortunately right now walks are for exploring not pottying. With longer walks that will also improve.

Bean 1Bean is crate trained. From the beginning he hasn’t made a mess in his crate (except for knocking over his water bowl a couple of times). He willingly goes into his crate at night and sometimes just for a nap. When he’s crated and I leave the room for more than 5 minutes he sometimes lets out a few whines and yips, but it never lasts more than a few minutes and he settles right down.

Bean 5

Bean is a sweetie and loves to cuddle on the couch – a chin rub is his favorite thing. Sometimes I think he has no bones – I wish I could get a video of him sliding off the couch head first and landing in a puddle of puppy! But he is an energetic puppy and it’s nice having a couple of Westies to chase him around in the back yard! You should have seen him this afternoon chasing leaves blowing in the wind. Priceless!

If you’re interested in potentially adopting little Bean, or joining our team of foster volunteers, send us an email to: foster@anticruelty.org

bean 3

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A Tale of Two Kitties:

sharon 2

Almost three weeks ago my husband and I began fostering two five-month old kittens. They are named Spot and Silver. These little tykes were frightened of almost everything, from the sound of a heater cycling on to unfamiliar toys and everything in between. But most of all these kittens were frightened of people. We have been foster providers for some years now, and even fostered a batch of feral kittens, but no kittens from the past came close to the level of fright displayed by these two. For example, when they first came to our house, they refused to leave their transport boxes! Both were skittish, with one (Silver) more so than the other.

sharonSo we let them settle in – we have a “foster room” in our house that has cozy nooks for hiding, a cat tree for looking into the yard, and other cat-friendly contents. We interacted with them multiple times every day and used the age-old method of offering tempting treats in exchange for the ability to rub under the chin or on the top of the head. At first, they would have nothing of it. By day five, this method was beginning to work, although they would still scatter when we came into the room. I wasn’t confident that they would become completely comfortable with us, much less folks that they hadn’t met yet. We also kept talking to them in soothing tones, and toward the beginning of week two, they would come toward us when we talked to them.

sharon 1Now, as we enter week three, they are becoming ordinary kitties. Silver (the more timid) has become the one who now loves to be touched and loves attention. We can even pick her up! Spot is still nervous but will come to us and let us rub her, but on her terms. They both love running around the exploring, even outside the foster room, and they now run TOWARD us when we come into the room. These kitties provided us our greatest foster challenge to date and it is so gratifying to see the positive changes come over the both of them. I am now very hopeful that by the time we return them, these two will be ready to meet other human folks without being fearful.

sharon 3

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bailey 6

Bailey’s foster parents sent us another update on her progress that we’re eager to share with those of you following her story.

Here’s the latest on this big-little-lady:

bailey 4 bailey 7Bailey is continuing to do well in our home. Any inhibitions are out the window, she is a full on active and playful puppy.

She does a great job eating her food and drinking water consistently throughout the day. She has been taking her medicine (for kennel cough) each morning and each evening and I haven’t heard her cough in days.

While she is never excited to go outside, she will go to the door when she does need to go to the bathroom and often won’t resist being taken outside if she does have to go. When outside, she used to bolt for the front door when she was done with her business, but now she will kind of hang out for a moment and check out what’s going on around her.  I think at this point, she only goes to the bathroom in the house in a stressful situation.

She loves to spend time on our back porch, leaving me  to think that she is comfortable in a quiet, enclosed space outside much more than a loud, open outdoor space. When i tried to get her on the porch the first few days she was in our home, she wouldn’t come out for more than 5 seconds. Now she sits out there for hours. I think that’s a lot of progress in just a few days! 

She responds very well to positive reinforcement (thanks Anti Cruelty for the helpful articles!) so lately I have been giving her a lot of praise for just sitting down and staying down because she has so much energy and she is such a big pup for our small apartment. As a result, she is running around a lot less than before and our house is feeling less and less like play yard for this puppy everyday.

This next week, my goal will be a short walk everyday and continuing to teach her basic commands (sit , stay, lay, come , etc) I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

Check back later this week for more updates on this incredible dog! And if you’re interested in potentially adopting Bailey, or would like to learn more about our foster program, send an email to: foster@anticruelty.org

bailey 5

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I’m Scout.  I’ve been in foster care for about a week because I was too young to be placed for adoption.  I am a very healthy, active and curious puppy so I should be ready for a forever home by the first or second week of September.

Since being in foster care, I have really thrived.  My foster mom says that I am quite the handful although I am not quite sure that is a total complement.  She also calls me a smarty pants because she says that I figure things out quickly – like how to escape my x-pen enclosure which I don’t think she was too thrilled about.  I can be quite independent and am sure that I am correct on my feeling that I should be allowed to rule the house.  After all, I am cute and cuddly.


I love being with the other dogs in my foster home even when they get fed up with my endless energy.  I would probably be a great companion for an active household but would get quickly bored with a couch potato.

My foster mom has begun to work with me on impulse control.  I am learning to be patient for my food bowl and to settle – both of these things are really hard.  I am fine with being handled and held but get a little fidgety after a while.  I don’t quite sit on cue yet but will sit to watch my foster mom fix my food.  I LOVE to play with toys – my favorites so far are balls and tug toys.  My foster mom says I am pretty fearless and approach each new encounter like a great adventure.

Well, that’s all about me for now.  Can’t wait to meet you!



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Zero: Available for Adoption

Zero is a super sweet cuddle bug with a big personality! This clever, incredibly intelligent, pup went out to foster care as he was nursing the final stage of kennel cough. He’s almost 100% well again and ready to find his new home!

Arriving at The Anti-Cruelty Society in early June with his three siblings, Zero came to us all the way from the Lone Star State: Texas. With an overabundance of pups, and wont of space, the local shelters in the southwest are bombarded with animals and frequently travel with them up North for a chance to find them new homes. And that’s exactly how Zero came to Chicago!

zero (23)

Sweet, smart and independent, Zero is very alert and loves to sit and watch the world go by. He is careful when approaching new dogs and is always eager for pets from people. He’s currently living with two Boston Terriers and a senior cat and gets along well with them all. He even heeds the elder dogs “chill out” warnings when he’s had enough play time for the day.

At just 8 weeks old, this sharp Border Collie Mix (potentially some Lab and Husky mixed in) is a little sponge. Zero is a quick study and quickly picks up on new routines and skills – like learning how to climb stairs or hop off the couch. Having learned the cues, “sit,” “down,” and “potty” – we know this dog has an incredible amount of potential. He’s a smart little guy who will one day make a great agility or service dog.

zero (17)

As with any puppy, Zero’s new owners will need to keep him on a tight feeding and walking schedule. Currently he is receiving three meals a day with walks after food, playtime and naps. He is partially house-trained and is learning to cue when he needs to go. Zero is also very active and will need lots of exercise, mental stimulation and plenty of chew toys.

If you are interested in meeting and potentially adopting Zero, please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org Also check out our photo gallery at the following link to see a full list of all the cats and dogs awaiting adoption: http://www.anticruelty.org/adopt/

zero (9)

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nugget and pumpkin

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of foster photos to brighten your day! And that’s exactly what we have for you!

nugget and pumpkin

Nugget and Pumpkin are two adorable kittens who just returned to the shelter after a four week stint in foster care. Sent out for being a wee bit too young for adoption – they’re now back at the shelter waiting for their neuter surgery before hitting the adoption floor. Check in to our Adoption Gallery each afternoon to see if they’ve  made their official debut!

nugget and pumpkin 3

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In Foster Care: Sneak

Here at The Anti-Cruelty Society we’ve been busy – busy caring for the hoards of kittens entering our doors!

Many of these kittens are too young to go up for adoption, which is where our foster volunteers swoop in to the rescue. Snatching up underage, underweight and sick felines, they care for them until they’re old and healthy enough to find their forever homes.

Sneak is one such kitten that went out into foster care several weeks back. Read about how this unique lil’ guy has stolen his foster mom’s heart:

When I first brought him home, my resident cats were terrified of kittens. Within about three days he won both of them over, which was a huge shock to me (particularly in the case of my female cat who is very shy).

He’s very playful with both of the cats, but respectful of space when they don’t want to play. They nap together, clean each other, chase each other around.

I’ve fostered a few different kittens, and Sneak has a stand-out personality. He is sweet, curious, playful – and having been lovingly rough-housed a bit by my adult cats, has great manners. He also has adapted to using the Breeze litter box system with the pellets, which is so much easier to clean up after, though he started with the regular litter when I took him home.

A+++ kitten. I am going to hate bringing him back, and hope my resident cats don’t suffer the depression too!

sneak 2If you’re interested in volunteering, adopting or even making a donation to support initiatives like our Foster Program, connect with us! You can find information about all our life-saving initiatives and ways you can get involved by visiting our website at http://www.anticruelty.org


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lemon 2

Sweet lil’ Lemon is an adorable 3 month old Shepherd Mix puppy who was admitted into foster care due to kennel cough. After almost 3 weeks in the loving care of a foster home, she was nursed back to health and is now ready for adoption!

Here’s what Lemon’s foster mom had to say about this incredible pup!

LemonPrincess Lemon Foster really is the sweetest dog on the planet.

She loves carrots and frozen banana pieces. She wants to meet every dog she sees, although most of them had no interest in being pawed by a goofy puppy. Most dogs would just turn away from her and ignore her; one dog gave her a warning growl, which she heeded immediately and stopped acting the fool. So she does pick up on signals from other dogs if they are stern enough.

lemon 3The only thing that she demonstrated any skittishness around was a street cleaning vehicle; otherwise she accepted new things with curiosity and interest, and recovered very quickly from being startled by things she had never seen before. It took about a half day to get her to go up and down stairs without a problem, but the promise of kibble made her forget all about being scared of them.

I love this dog. If I knew for sure she would be under 40 lbs fully grown, I would keep her. She learns quickly, is pretty mellow for a three month old puppy, is affectionate but not slavish, is great to sleep with, and is just so sweet and happy and interesting that anyone who adopts her is going to be very lucky to have her.

lemon 4

If you’re interested in meeting Lemon, or one of our many other incredible dogs, visit our adoption gallery here or swing down to our Adoption Center at 510 N. Lasalle. We’re open 12-7pm on weekdays and 12-5pm on weekends. We’d love to see you!

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