Hello…are you out there?  It’s me, Tiggz!IMG_4585

I’m here in the closet because I like to watch my foster family from cozy places.  I also like to sleep on the couch.IMG_4515

Relaxing is my favorite activity – I’m an older gentleman and I need my rest.  But sometimes, I like to play with my toys.  The pink thing with the ball in it is my FAVORITE!IMG_4597

I should also mention that I like mealtime….the sound of a can opening brings me running.


I’m handsome, don’t you think?

I’d love to meet you if you have room in your life for a sweet, calm boy who likes a good cuddle, and tummy rubs.  Please contact foster@anticruelty.org to set up a play date with me.

Love, Tiggz



Eira the snow pup!

eira3Did you know that “Eira” means “snow” in Welsh?

It’s a fitting name for this beautiful terrier-mix girl, given the late winter snowstorm we just had in Chicago.  ==>

Eira has been hanging out at her foster home while recovering from a bum leg, but she’s back at the shelter today getting the “all clear” for adoption!

If you’re looking for a fun, active dog who is happy to snuggle, sun, or jump joyfully through the snow, then Eira is your girl!

(Many thanks to Gardner and Tara for taking care of this little sweetheart while she was on the mend!)


As soon as our wonderful vets have finished their final check up, Eira’s details will be posted on the adoption page and she’ll be ready to go to her forever home! If you have any questions, contact us at 312.644.8338 or foster@anticruelty.org.




Meet Mr. Tiggz !


Now in foster, and looking for a furever home…it’s Tiggz.  He is a mature gentleman at 11 years old, but still full of plenty of love and snuggles.


Tiggz is very calm and loves his nap-time.  Other hobbies include rolling around to show you his belly, and meticulously grooming is gorgeous long hair.  He also is likely to hug your leg if he hears you opening a can of fancy feast.


If you want someone to sit with you on the couch, or would enjoy a happy kitty greeting when you come home, Tiggz could be your guy!

If you’d like to meet him, contact  our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org.

In Foster: Sassy

Sassy is a senior gal who came to the shelter when her former owner could no longer care for her. She’s 15 years young and still has tons of spunk!

Sassy had some difficulty acclimating to the busy shelter environment and was a bit scared – so we’ve connected her with a foster home to care for her while we work to recruit a forever home! Here’s her foster’s latest update:

Sassy loves to be around people. At night, she likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed, and if you find yourself in the living room watching TV for an extended period of time, Sassy is going to come and join you! While not a lap cat, she just enjoys the company. If your mornings are quiet, Sassy will make sure to add some conversation in the mix. She can be a talker, and is content with just a few pets.

Sassy will be a phenomenal family member in a quiet home where she can relax and cuddle with you on her own terms. If you’re interested in meeting this sassy puss – contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org.


Meet Ms. Markiza!


Markiza, aka “Markie,” has been in my foster care for about 2 weeks and she is such a delight. She settled in nicely to my home. Her favorite spot is sleeping on my bed, but she likes to explore. She enjoys looking out the window and will come sit with me for petting and snuggling.

She will come out and sit at her spot when it is time to eat. She stares at me until I give her the wet food. Markie has a little wet food twice a day but mostly eats the grain free dry food.

I have 2 cats and a dog, and she occasionally wants to play with my female cat, although that is only one sided.

Markie is very playful for a 10 year old cat. She will run across the room in bursts of energy. She likes to play with the string and also my laser light.

She would make a wonderful companion for anyone.

If you’d be interested in learning more about Markie, or potentially meeting her in person, please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org

Meet Mr. Wiggles


Mr. Wiggles is quite the charmer! This adorable Beagle Pug Mix is big boned and a sweetie to the core. He’s currently in our Adoption Ambassador program where his foster works alongside staff to recruit him his adopter. The program allows for adoptable cats and dogs to enjoy the luxuries of a home while they await adoption. As you can see in the photos below, Mr. Wiggles is really living it up!

If you’d like to learn more about him, click here. To learn more about the Adoption Ambassadors program, visit our website.


Day one in her “foster” home, with a healthy snack of kale and blueberries.

I have been contemplating adding another bird to my flock for a long time, but by telling myself “you can’t force these things, when the right bird comes along you’ll know it” I’ve been able to successfully delay a new addition for the last eighteen months.

And then, I saw Sunny listed in the volunteer newsletter. After giving Lydia approximately thirty seconds’ notice, I zoomed down to the shelter and picked her up, ostensibly to foster. I took her to my avian vet, Dr Jenny, at the excellent Animal House a couple days after bringing her home, and with a clean bill of health I introduced her to Bean, Wilson, and Birdy.

Birds are a lot like people (and not just because they walk upright, have a rich social structure, and can solve complex problems); sometimes it’s love at first sight, and sometimes it can take awhile for them to warm up to each other. We’re still in the warming up phase with Sunny and Birdy (my green cheek conure), but as Sunny gets more comfortable with her surroundings she gets better at enforcing her boundaries (because Birdy can be rather overwhelming in her forthright conure-ness). And Sunny is at a bit of a disadvantage because she has wonky arthritic feet and weak flight muscles, so she’s not as maneuverable as the other birds.

But in the two weeks I’ve had Sunny in the house, she’s gotten a new cage with wonky foot-friendly perches, has tripled her flight distance, and will actively seek out head scritches whenever she’s near me. We hit a big milestone the other day when she flew all the way across the room to land [somewhat ungracefully] on my shoulder.

So I’m happy to announce that Sunny is officially a foster failure, because sometimes birds and people fall in love at first sight, too. 🙂


Sure, I don’t get much work done with the constant demand for head scritches, but who can resist that face?