Day one in her “foster” home, with a healthy snack of kale and blueberries.

I have been contemplating adding another bird to my flock for a long time, but by telling myself “you can’t force these things, when the right bird comes along you’ll know it” I’ve been able to successfully delay a new addition for the last eighteen months.

And then, I saw Sunny listed in the volunteer newsletter. After giving Lydia approximately thirty seconds’ notice, I zoomed down to the shelter and picked her up, ostensibly to foster. I took her to my avian vet, Dr Jenny, at the excellent Animal House a couple days after bringing her home, and with a clean bill of health I introduced her to Bean, Wilson, and Birdy.

Birds are a lot like people (and not just because they walk upright, have a rich social structure, and can solve complex problems); sometimes it’s love at first sight, and sometimes it can take awhile for them to warm up to each other. We’re still in the warming up phase with Sunny and Birdy (my green cheek conure), but as Sunny gets more comfortable with her surroundings she gets better at enforcing her boundaries (because Birdy can be rather overwhelming in her forthright conure-ness). And Sunny is at a bit of a disadvantage because she has wonky arthritic feet and weak flight muscles, so she’s not as maneuverable as the other birds.

But in the two weeks I’ve had Sunny in the house, she’s gotten a new cage with wonky foot-friendly perches, has tripled her flight distance, and will actively seek out head scritches whenever she’s near me. We hit a big milestone the other day when she flew all the way across the room to land [somewhat ungracefully] on my shoulder.

So I’m happy to announce that Sunny is officially a foster failure, because sometimes birds and people fall in love at first sight, too.ūüôā


Sure, I don’t get much work done with the constant demand for head scritches, but who can resist that face?



Last night volunteer Anne V. came in to volunteer in Dog Adopts for a couple of hours…..and went home with a foster kitten!

Pegasus is this little cutie’s official name, but her foster mom calls her Peggy Sue. And boy, is she¬†a TALKER!¬†She has a lot¬†to say for such a little girl (see below), and to say that she is quick on her feet is putting it mildly. Until she falls asleep and we can get her in focus, here are some [slightly blurry] pics of her in action:


And since Peggy Sue has soooo much to say, here are some words¬†straight from the kitten’s mouth (so to speak):

Hi there! My name is Peggy Sue and I am the latest and ONLY foster kitty currently residing at the Shore. In less than 24 hrs I‚Äôve taken a ‚Äėwalk‚Äô from the shelter to Michigan Avenue, rode on the 147 bus, met lots of new people, explored my new ‚Äėhome‚Äô, couldn‚Äôt get out of the tub, slept like a baby thru the night, had a ‚Äėdip‚Äô in the tub this morning and am playing with all my brand new toys! I even like my foster mom, probably because she helped me get out of the tub & gave me lots of hugs.¬†I¬†rewarded her with lots of purring‚Ķ.she¬†likes¬†that!

Peggy Sue’s stats¬†unnamed-4are as follows: She’s 2 mos old and¬†weighs¬†1 lb 14 oz.¬†She’s being fostered because she’s¬†too young & ¬†small for adoption right now. If all goes well (and it will), this darling little girl should be¬†available for adoption around 08/26 or so.

Stay tuned Рmore pictures to follow…

Oreo 8

I can’t believe I ate that whole bag of Temptations.

You know how they say the internet is run on cute kitten pictures? Well, here’s your proof right here.

Pre-game noshing:



Post-nosh napping:


Is it time for the Kitten Bowl?


Hurry, we’re going to miss the half-time show!


Touchdown! Wooooo!


If you’re interested in adopting one of these little all-stars, contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.



Sable update!

Sable¬†is doing great! She loves the boys in her foster family, has no problem¬†with the cats, and has even made a few new friends in the neighborhood. She also loves to sleep and is¬†a bit of a bed hog, but who is going to say no to that face? She still has some issues with leash aggression, but she’s working on that with the help of her foster family.

Sable 3

If you’re interested in adopting Sable contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.




Meet Salt and Pepper!

Adorable 5 year olds Salt (A30485078) and Pepper (A30485085) have settled in to their new foster home and immediately made themselves right at home.

Both of these little girls are friendly and affectionate and are getting along very well with their new male kitty housemates without conflict. While Pepper runs around and plays like a kitten, Salt is a little more reserved, preferring to sit next to you on the couch instead. They seem to love each other very much, with one never too far behind the other.

SP Couch1

Watching TV

Both girls have super soft bunny fur, the tiniest little meows, enjoy pets and head scratches, and have been using the litter box without issue. Salt is a bit of a social eater right now but is eating both wet and dry food and really LOVES treats.

Stay tuned to see how these little girls progress over the next few weeks!

Interested in meeting Salt and Pepper?  Contact foster@anticruelty.org


Here’s Scarlet!

Just look at this precious face!   Scarlet is waiting in foster care waiting for her permanent home.IMG_2103

This petite sweetie is almost 2 years old, and can be a little timid when you first meet her.  She warms up quickly and loves to stay very close by.


Playful and curious, ¬†she will steal your heart…..(seriously, so cute)


She dreams about her furever home.


Want to meet Miss Scarlet????   Contactfoster@anticruelty.org!