Foster Candidates

We have a number of animals available for foster while they get ready for our adoption room! If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at foster@anticruelty.org. If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program webpage for additional details on how you can help.


Buttercup & Sassy: (2-4 week foster) Two month old female DSH kitten and her one year mama. Brought in by family who took Sassy in as a stray when she was pregnant. Foster needed for URI and maternal support.


Genar, Phantom, & Boo: (3-4 week foster) 3 three month old DSH kittens. Found and brought to the Society by a good Samaritan. Foster needed for URI – on medication.


Spooky: (1 month foster) 6 week old DSH. Foster needed for weight, age, and URI. On medication – Amoxi drops.


Sally & her kittens: (6 week foster) 1 year old mama cat and 5 five week old kittens. Foster needed for age, weight, and URI – on medication.

If you’re considering fostering with the Anti-Cruelty Society, take a minute to check out the Holiday Heroes page too! Learn more about this Adoption Ambassador campaign to bring adoptable pets into homes for 4 weeks over the holiday season. Spread holiday cheer by recruiting forever homes for some lovely dogs and cats!

Saying Hi

There are just four days until Thanksgiving – and guests may be arriving even sooner! Make sure your fosters enjoy your visitors as much as you do with these helpful tips:

  1. Making New Friends. When it comes to interactions between your foster and guests, you know your foster best. Set everyone up for success by being honest about your foster’s comfort with different activities. If Uncle Ravid loves giving kitty belly rubs, but your foster is not keen, just let him know and suggest a different way that they might interact (ex. giving her a treat, playing with a toy, or watching her climb on her cat tree.)
  2. Treasure Hunting and Scavenging. Phone cords, decorations, medicine bottles, and a plate of crumbs can all be tempting to a foster whose curiosity is piqued. Make sure to keep non-pet-friendly items out of paws’ reach and remind guests to be mindful of not leaving food and drinks unattended.
  3. Name Tags. Even if you intend to spend the holidays at home, be sure that your foster is wearing some form of identification. A door left open a bit too long might seem like an open invitation to dash outside, and identification will dramatically increase the odds of you and your foster being reunited.
  4. Quiet Space. Provide a quiet, comfortable space where your foster can relax by himself. Shy fosters will appreciate a space of their own, and even social butterflies may need a break from the noise and the crowd. If your foster is taking advantage of his quiet space, make sure that guests respect his right to a rest.

For more tips, visit the holiday safety pages on the ASPCA and HSUS websites.

Looking Up.jpg

Tanner continues to impress everyone he meets! We have had several people come over to the apartment who fall in love when they meet this charming cat. He is incrediblly social and has proven that he will come out and say hi to just about anyone. He is also still trying his hardest to convince our cat, Keiko, that she should play with him. Every time she walks past the door to his room you will see his little white paws pop out from under the door in a desperate attempt to win her love and affection. Unfortunately, he has been unsuccessful as Keiko continues to ignore him.


Last week the crew from Pup Pals came all the way from New York to film adoption videos for foster pets. (Thank you Pup Pals!) WeScared.jpg found out that Tanner is going to be one of their first cat videos! The crew had a blast filming him on Sunday morning. He, of course, was just happy that he got to play all day and meet new people. We are looking forward to Tanner’s video and will be sure to share it once it is finished. In the mean time, check out some of Pup Pals other videos! Here is a photo of Tanner waiting for the crew to arrive. He clearly has no idea he is about to get his big-break! We are convinced that Tanner will be a star some day now that we have seen his very impressive acting skills. He really knows how to put on a show for the camera!


Cute.jpgTanner is waiting patiently for a new best friend and a forever home. We believe he will do well in a variety of households because he is great with people, other cats, and even dogs. Since he is still very young and playful, we recommend him to go to a home where children are 6 years or older, or to a home with young children that has an experienced cat own to help him finish his training.  We have no doubt that Tanner will make the perfect family cat one day. If you are interested in learning more about Tanner, click here, or e-mail foster@anticruelty.org to set up a time to have a meet and greet with this handsome man.

Amber is an 8 year old female cat with gorgeous orange and black fur. We are recruiting a foster home for her as part of the Adoption Ambassador program. She has been in the shelter since late July, and would love to spend some quality time with a loving foster family while she waits to find her forever home.

Amber is a sweet, unique-looking cat who lost her home when a new family member just didn’t want pets. She seems to be taking things in stride, as she settled in at the shelter quickly and remains friendly and gentle. She likes to be pet but isn’t fond of being held. Amber lived with a dog and, though she didn’t love him, she managed. She would likely prefer a dog-free home but could be okay with a respectful canine. This lovely little lady can’t wait to go to her new home.

The Anti-Cruelty Society provides all Adoption Ambassadors with foster program training, coaching, and animal care resources, including veterinary care, dry kibble, and behavioral support. Adoption Ambassadors are also provided with a media kit and marketing support for each animal they take into their care. Please visit the Adoption Ambassadors page for more information or to get involved with this wonderful program. Will you be Amber’s Adoption Ambassador?

If you are interested in Amber or any of the Anti-Cruelty Society’s foster animals, please email us at foster@anticruelty.org

Thanks to foster volunteers Kevin, Anne, Laura, and Felix for taking these darling kittehs into their homes! If you’re interested in fostering a cat or dog, or want to learn more about becoming a volunteer for either of our foster programs – traditional or Adoption Ambassadors – please contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.

Michelle Oreo

Cica Spider SudzLucy

Tanner has really made himself at home over the past week and is showing his full colors! We have never seen a cat more playful or fun. As soon as you walk in the door he immediately wants to play and you can hear him purring from across the room!


Tanner is a very easy-going cat and not much phases him. He has been relentlessly trying to play with our cat, Keiko, whenever she passes by. Keiko doesn’t seem as interested in playing with him though, poor Tanner!


In fact, Tanner seems to want to play with everyone – human, cat, or dog. We took him to the Kriser’s Adoption Event last weekend (thank you Kriser’s!) and Tanner was a huge hit. He also showed us that he not afraid of dogs at all! He even wants to play with them! This came as a shock to the shoppers who had their dogs with them. Tanner spent the afternoon meeting new people and making new friends.


Now that we have realized how playful Tanner is, we have also noticed that he needs a little bit of training on how to play the right way. We have been working on training him and he is extremely responsive, showing just how smart he is. It is also a reminder that he is still a baby, since he is just over a year old. He is still a kitten at heart!


Tanner is waiting patiently for a new best friend and a forever home. If you are interested in learning more about this handsome man, click here, or e-mail foster@anticruelty.org.

Spud isn’t just a handsome face, he’s a very smart and trainable dog. He knows to bark when he needs to go out, but we’re still working on the timing–the bark is almost simultaneous with the elimination! When he gets it right and goes outside, he knows he’s going to be rewarded with treats. He runs up, sits, and waits for his well-earned prize.

Spud started to play fetch with a ball bigger than his mouth. He’d only returned the ball three times before he had the game all figured out! This cuddly little guy loves hugs, kisses, and belly rubs.

If you are interested in Spud or any of the Anti-Cruelty Society’s foster animals, please email us at foster@anticruelty.org

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