Say hello to Snap, Crackle, and Pop! They are the cutest little triplets ever & they are getting ready for our Home for the Holidays event! If you are interested in any of these guys, be sure to see them at 510 N. LaSalle Street on Friday, December 12th from 12-7pm and Saturday, December 13th from 12-5pm. These playful kittens are ready to go into their forever home!


If you would like to learn more about Snap, Crackle, or Pop, please contact us at foster@anticruelty.org

We’re gearing up for our special Home for the Holidays adoption event, which is taking place on Friday, December 12th and Saturday, December 13th. We’ll be waiving the adoption fees for any and all animals who have been with The Anti-Cruelty Society for 60 days or more.


In addition to the Home for the Holidays event we’ll also be hosting a mini event both mornings from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. called Meet the Fosters. Currently adoptable foster animals will be on-site for adopter meet and greets, including Tobias and Queen. If you’ve been looking to meet these animals in person be sure to join us early each morning!

Meet the fosters TobiasOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA meet the fosters queenHoliday Isis  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s to giving all shelter animals the best gift of all this holiday season – a forever family!

home for the holidays abby

Adopted! Queen

20141202_073046Queen is one special dog who has stolen the hearts of staff and volunteers alike here at The Anti-Cruelty Society!

A member of our Foster to Forever program, she is currently available for adoption while enjoying life out on the town with her foster family.

Queen is a special needs dog as she has grade 3/4 luxating patella on both hind legs – which is something her adopter should keep in mind before making her a part of their family. Learn more about Queen on her official adoption profile here.

We recently received a wonderful update on Queen’s progress in her foster home – here’s what her current caretaker had to share:

“I began fostering Queen November 17 and what a delight she has been.

She was nervous at first but Rooster, my other dog, helped calm her down.  She has been great with Rooster and my cats (they show a passing interest in her but not much).

With encouragement and tasty snacks, Queen has settled well into routine, including walking with myself and my dog walker. Despite her initial hesitancy, she now goes up and down the stairs quite well. Her luxating patella does not slow her down.  She is housebroken, so the first thing she does when she gets outside is go to the bathroom. Then she has time to sniff around. We go farther each time we walk.  She follows Rooster’s lead, and even likes to run a little bit. She lets me know she wants to run because she stretches her legs and then begins to walk similar to a trotting horse. Then she will do a short burst run and then stop.  Rooster and I join her.She wags her tail when other people walk by. She is interested in other dogs she sees and remains calm, even if they bark at her.

Rooster and QueenShe also likes hanging out with the animals and people inside the house. She enjoys watching the activity, being petted, or chewing on her bone. She also plays tug of war with one of many stuffed animals I have.

I know that she will be a wonderful addition to whomever adopts her. She has a sweet personality, is playful, and gets along well with other people and animals. She shows zero aggression. I hope she finds her forever home soon.” – Rosemary (foster mom)

If you’d be interested in meeting this sweet special pup in person, contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org

Former Foster: Binks!

Foster kitten, Binks just returned this week from foster care with Janelle Carson. She did a wonderful job getting that tiny kitten to reach his goal weight and some and worked on socializing him. She had some sweet parting words for us as well.

“Here are some pics of Binks (or as I affectionately called him, Binksy Boo). This little dude was with me for five weeks and I miss his little eyes and all his spunk. He is pending adopts and I’m sure he’ll snapped right up! I’m hoping to be there and meet his adopters, but if I miss them, can someone tell me about his new home. Somebody is going to be very, very lucky. He’s a charmer!”


If you would like to know more about Binks, please email us at foster@anticruelty.org. He won’t last long on the adoption floor! So if you would like to adopt him, act fast! ;)

Adopted! Queen

We are happy to report that foster mom, Rosemary, is treating Queen according to her name! :) Our nervous girl is still adjusting to her new environment but has already claimed a portion of the foster home (the kitchen) as her own.

Queen has also been friendly enough to her foster siblings, showing curiosity of the cats and having no negative interactions with the other dog.

Rosemary has been working with Queen on going up and down the stairs of her building. She does still need some confidence building that will require a little work when she gets into her new forever-home, but with the right owner she will make a wonderful companion.

Rooster and Queen

Reese – Adopted!

reese_mary raines 4Reese, one of our long-term residents, was featured on WCIU’s You & Me This Morning show today and was quite the hit! This loveable 7 year old Chihuahua Mix is currently available for adoption while in foster care – and would love to get to know you!

Here’s what her foster mom has to say about this lovely gal:

reese_mary raines 6Reese is a wonderful, loving, loyal dog.  She loves to sit and lie on your lap and to be petted (especially on her belly!).  She is happy as long as she is included – loves to go on car rides, long walks with kids, to the park for a picnic.  She sleeps in the crook of my arm and is just so happy giving and getting love!  I do crate her when I am gone (she has never had an accident in the crate), and it might be a good idea for a new owner to crate her after they get their night time snuggles (she has had accidents in the middle of the night).

reese_mary raines 7She is great with my two dogs. She holds her ground if needed – no one is going to pull one over on Reese. She is very loving with my kids though new owner should have children be very gentle at first and probably not allow children to hold her.

Her eyes are soulful and kind and she is just going to make someone the nicest pet!  She barely needs a leash as she tends to stick right by you and comes immediately when called.  Love love love this gal!

If you’d be interested in meeting Reese in person, reach out to our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org

reese_mary raines 9reese_mary raines 2reese_mary raines 5

Adopted! Rover

For those of you that have not had a chance to meet our little charmer, meet Rover. He was quite the draw at the Foster Open House because of his adorable physic with personality to match. His foster mom has also written us a wonderful personality profile to give us a better look into what he is like in a home environment. :)

Rover da Tover photo

“Rover is a playful, loving pup that is equally happy playing a game of fetch, or playing with one of his chew toys on his own. Although Rover is not potty trained, he is crate trained up to 5-6 hours. Rover loves meeting new people and does quite well not jumping up. He happily plays with dogs his own size or a bit smaller and likes larger dogs that have a slower pace. He tends to look for comfort from his human when larger more rambunctious dogs come running to play. Rover is quick to learn and is working on off, wait (for toys and food), sit, paw, come and down. Rover has lived with an older cat and, although occasionally tries to play with the cat like a puppy, is more just curious. He has taken a swipe to the nose from the cat and has not retaliated. Rover would make a great addition to a family. He likes children that are respectful of his space and approach slowly. Once introduced he is happy to play with anyone, but, as with all puppies, occasionally misses the toy and catches a hand so older children would be best.”

If you would like to know more about Rover, please direct your questions to foster@anticruelty.org.


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