Mumba wants his blog post to be about his handsomeness, and really who could blame him?  To start, observe this picture that his foster Mom doodled of him!IMG_1626

(Don’t laugh, she tried really hard).

Now for contrast, here he is……..close up!……… and far away!IMG_1368IMG_1250

Much more handsome in the flesh, huh?  “Handsome is nice!” says Mumba.



Wednesday, June 10th!  Do you know where you were then??  I do! I do!! I was watching the Hawks (again) WIN WIN WIN!!!  See how confident I was in their winning!!!It’s 6:42 in the morning….just checking on those little birdies that fly by & say hi every morning….one even landed on the railing one day…WOW, that was really exciting for me….’cept I wasn’t sure what I should do.


For more information about Sophie, please contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.

Oreo Post-Dining

Oreo is a big boy and he LOVES to eat.  The quickest way to win him over is to feed him canned food and treats. Oreo greets me at the door every time I come home (whether it is meal time or not) and walks into the kitchen and waits for me to feed him.

In the morning, Oreo sometimes sits next to my bed and stares at me until I wake up. He doesn’t meow or try to wake me up but just sits there quietly. He probably assumes that my cats are going to wake me up.

Oreo loves to eat all kinds of cat treats (his current favorite are Temptations). He will eat them gently out of my hand, which is surprising given his size and enthusiasm for food! He will also lick food off of my fingers.

A video is attached that shows Oreo eating some treats from the table. He is so determined and cute!


Magical Mumba!

Happy Birthday Mumba!


Mumba is turning 2 today (at least according to his ACS records)  and he knows exactly what he wants.  He would like to find the gift of his forever home with his forever family.


Mumba is sweet, rambunctious boy who loves to sit on your lap, but adores a good play session with his fish toys.  It is very important that he squeezes in at least 5 naps a day among all the chasing and eating.  He’ll enjoy anyone’s company as long as he has a little time to get used to his surroundings.  He has been shy in the past, but seems to have mostly outgrown that at the mature age of 2!


Seriously, can’t you see Mumba in your life??!!??

Check out glamour girl, Sophie. She loves to curl up on her foster mom’s bed and admire herself in the mirror. Can you blame her? Just because she is a senior cat doesn’t mean she isn’t just as fabulous as a younger one. She just has had time to develop more of a personality.

Sophie is looking for a home where she can reign supreme. It may take her a week or two to feel completely comfortable in her new home, but once she does she will offer you her companionship and cuddles.


If you would like to know more about Sophie, please email foster@anticruelty.org.

Meet real-life Grumpy Cat/ full-time Elvis impersonator, Oreo. Can you believe that this hunka-hunka purring love is still looking for his forever home? He spent several months in The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Charlotte’s Corner prior to going into foster care. He spends much of his days napping and sun bathing in the light that pours through his foster home’s windows. He is a bit on the independent side, but will occasionally come lay next to you when he wants to be shown some love. If you can provide him with a nice home and a little space, you should get along famously.

oreo meme

If you would like to know more about Oreo, please email foster@anticruelty.org.

Thank you, thank you very much.

If you haven’t heard, Mumba is a rising star with his new found internet fame. He recently received the royal treatment with a professional photo shoot, new wardrobe of bowties, and feature on popular Instagram, cheese.the.cat.

This new found fame is nice and all, but what Mumba really hopes to get out of it is a home to call his own. This young boy is now one of our longer-term cats despite being the full-package of looks, brains, and personality.


If you would like to know more about Mumba, please email foster@anticruelty.org.

Also be sure to check him out on Instagram! https://instagram.com/cheese.the.cat/


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