Thanksgiving is just two-and-half weeks away, which means you’re very likely thinking about FOOD! And what would the holiday season be without those special meals and delicious treats that we share with friends and family?

Sharing a meal with loved ones is such an important part of celebrating that you might feel sad leaving your furry friends out of the feast. So this week we’re offering up two tasty treat recipes from the ASPCA that your fosters are sure to enjoy!

Pumpkin Pie Treats for Dogs and Cats

  • Ingredients include: rice flour, oatmeal, canned pumpkin, grated carrots, unsweetened plain applesauce, flour for rolling, and peanut butter.
  • Get this yummy recipe, here.

Tuna Treats for Cats

  • Ingredients include: canned tuna, eggs, and flour.
  • Get this easy recipe, here.

While it’s fun to include your fosters in the festivities, it’s even more important to keep everyone both happy and healthy. To that end we’re including a list of foods you should definitely avoid feeding to your fosters.

People Foods to Avoid

  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate, Coffee, and Caffeine
  • Citrus
  • Coconut and Coconut Oil
  • Grape and Raisins
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Milk and Dairy
  • Nuts
  • Onions, Garlic, Chives
  • Raw/Undercooked Meat, Eggs, and Bones
  • Salt and Salty Snack Foods
  • Xylitol
  • Yeast Dough

Learn why these foods aren’t good for your fosters, here.

If you think your foster may have eaten something on this list, you can contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (888) 426-4435.


Honey and Climber are sweet little ladies with two very distinct and lovable personalities. These four month old tabbies came to the Anti-Cruelty Society through the Humane Investigators program. While they wait to become available for adoption, they’re spending some time with a loving foster mom.

Honey loves people–she’s almost immediately affectionate with everyone she meets and is quick to hop on your lap if you take a seat on the couch to relax. One of her favorite things is to drink and play with water from the bathroom faucet.



Climber should really be named Hunter, it’s much more descriptive of her personality. Immediately after waking up or when I come home from work she wants me to play. She loves ribbons toys, and often catches her “prey” and trots away with it. One time she jumped up on the kitchen table and made off with a fairly heavy Monchhichi doll, taking it back to her sleeping spot like a prize!

If you are interested in Honey & Climber or any of our foster animals, please email us at: foster@anticruelty.org


Five kitties went out to foster homes this week (thank you, volunteers!), but we’ve got plenty more who need a safe place to rest while they gain weight, socialize, or recover from illnesses. If you’re interested in fostering a cat or dog, or want to learn more about becoming a volunteer for either of our foster programs – traditional or Adoption Ambassadors – please contact us at foster@anticruelty.org.


Honey climber

Today our clocks fall back and we jump forward into the very exciting and very busy holiday season! With an increase in social events, errands, and visits from friends and family just around the corner, now is a great time to think about how to prepare your foster pets – and your schedule – for the holidays.

While you’re fixing food, making phone calls, and tending to a never-ending to-do list, your foster dog or cat may be inventing new ways to seek out your currently divided attention. Here are four tips to keep everyone in a fun and festive mood:

  1. Ignore undesirable behavior. Yes, a non-stop stream of meowing or barking is hard to ignore. And a sudden dive into the garbage can is going to turn your head. But if your foster’s goal is to get your attention – and you give it to her – then you’ve just told her that she needs to yowl fifty-two times to get it. She’s also smart enough to figure out that an annoying serenade is a waste of time if it doesn’t achieve her goal.
  2. Reward desirable behavior. Letting your foster know what behavior you do want is just as important has letting him know what behavior you don’t want. When he sits patiently, relaxes on his bed, or plays with an appropriate toy, be sure to give him the positive attention that he’s seeking.
  3. Keep your cool. If you’re feeling stressed out by the holiday time crunch, it can be tempting to focus your frustrations on your misbehaving foster. Instead, move away from her or spend a minute or two in a different room until you can regain your composure and address the problem constructively.
  4. Schedule time for attention. Your foster’s needs don’t change just because Aunt Edna suddenly phoned to say all your cousins are attending Thanksgiving dinner, too. Incorporate your foster’s usual exercise, play time, and TLC into your schedule. You’ll feel more in control (and much less stressed), and your foster will know he will get your attention at regular times each day.

You can find more information on improper attention seeking, here.

Cica is a 5 year-old DLH cat looking for a new foster home while she completes the Adoption Ambassador program. Though she is currently in foster care, she needs to be moved to a new home due to some allergy issues. This pretty lady is looking for someone to champion her cause and find that perfect forever family match. Of course, she’s also looking for a nice foster home and lots of love to get her ready for the next stage in life. If you’ve considered getting involved with the incredibly rewarding foster program, think about opening your home to Cica.

As a foster volunteer, it can be very difficult to return an animal you’ve bonded with to the shelter not knowing when their forever family will arrive…but as an Adoption Ambassador, you get to be involved in every step of the process! You can learn a lot about a pet in a short time living with them, and we want you to use that to your foster’s benefit. By placing animals directly from foster care to forever homes, you even get the chance to form long-lasting relationships with adopters. This is a unique opportunity for foster volunteers!

The Adoption Ambassadors program, originally piloted by the ASPCA, empowers people to recruit, screen and approve adopters for animals who are available for adoption. This program offers so many great benefits for the animals and their people (both the foster and forever variety). We currently have three cats in this program–Oreo, Tanner, and Cica. To learn more about becoming an Adoption Ambassador for an adoptable cat or dog, check out the program website, here.

If you are interested in Cica or any of our foster animals, please email foster@anticruelty.org


Meet Tanner! This handsome guy is 1 year old and ready to find his forever home! Tanner’s main goal in life is to cuddle and will start purring the second you walk through the door. He is incredibly loving and calm. Tanner is very laid-back and will do well in a variety of households. His easy-going temperament would make him great for a single person or an entire family. He seems to do well with other pets as well!


Being only 1, he still has a lot of the playfulness of a kitten so he is the perfect balance between a lap cat and a playful one. We recently introduced him to a game called “try to catch the red dot”, which seems to be a big hit with him. He is also very curious and is captivated by the small things in life, such as water coming out of the faucet or people walking on the sidewalk.


We have been having so much fun playing with Tanner over the past week, and are sure you would too! If you are interested in learning more about this handsome man, click here, or e-mail foster@anticruelty.org.

Pete Goes Home!

We’re happy to report that yet another one of our Adoption Ambassador animals found his forever home! Pete, the lovable, goofy Pit Mix, went home to his forever family yesterday afternoon.

pete adopted

We’d like to thank his foster mama Tina, and her legion of friends and supporters, for helping us give this pooch a fresh start on life. Congratulations to Pete and his new family!


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