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Markiza, aka “Markie,” has been in my foster care for about 2 weeks and she is such a delight. She settled in nicely to my home. Her favorite spot is sleeping on my bed, but she likes to explore. She enjoys looking out the window and will come sit with me for petting and snuggling.

She will come out and sit at her spot when it is time to eat. She stares at me until I give her the wet food. Markie has a little wet food twice a day but mostly eats the grain free dry food.

I have 2 cats and a dog, and she occasionally wants to play with my female cat, although that is only one sided.

Markie is very playful for a 10 year old cat. She will run across the room in bursts of energy. She likes to play with the string and also my laser light.

She would make a wonderful companion for anyone.

If you’d be interested in learning more about Markie, or potentially meeting her in person, please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org


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Mr. Wiggles is quite the charmer! This adorable Beagle Pug Mix is big boned and a sweetie to the core. He’s currently in our Adoption Ambassador program where his foster works alongside staff to recruit him his adopter. The program allows for adoptable cats and dogs to enjoy the luxuries of a home while they await adoption. As you can see in the photos below, Mr. Wiggles is really living it up!

If you’d like to learn more about him, click here. To learn more about the Adoption Ambassadors program, visit our website.

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IMG_1511Mumba wanted to make his own blog post this week, but he realized he only knows how to sit on the keyboard.  No typing skills whatsoever.  So he asked for help.

He says that he is pretty content in his foster home, but he would love to go out the door with his forever family


See….this door right here.

He is happy to pack himself up to travel, anytime


So keep the handsome boy in your thoughts……IMG_1561

If you know anyone who is interested in the friendly, playful, furry-eared Mumba, please contact the Anti-Cruelty Society.

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It’s a beautiful summer Sunday, and I just wanted to let everyone know what Mr. Mumba has been up to.

This morning he slept in.  His favorite activity!


Shortly after rising, he decided, for no known reason, to spend some time in the shower.


He had a nice morning stretch


Then,  a few minutes playing “King of the mouse toys”,


Mumba then posed in some flattering light…..seriously handsome here


He hid where no one could find him (well……sort of).


And after so many activities, at 10:30 AM, it was time for a nap.


If you would like to to meet this active boy, please let us know, foster@anticruelty.org.

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Check out glamour girl, Sophie. She loves to curl up on her foster mom’s bed and admire herself in the mirror. Can you blame her? Just because she is a senior cat doesn’t mean she isn’t just as fabulous as a younger one. She just has had time to develop more of a personality.

Sophie is looking for a home where she can reign supreme. It may take her a week or two to feel completely comfortable in her new home, but once she does she will offer you her companionship and cuddles.


If you would like to know more about Sophie, please email foster@anticruelty.org.

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Meet Oreo! He is one of our long-term cats here at The Anti-Cruelty Society. He is currently in foster care with foster parent, Mary, who is caring for him while recruiting an adopter. In the meantime, he is making himself comfy at her home enjoying head and chin scratches, naps, and watching television. He has even tried out some of his stretches on the yoga mat.

If you are looking for an independent cat that will join you on the couch, this may be the guy for you!

Oreo Getting Head Scratch 2.5.15  Oreo Watching Blue Bloods 2.5.15

For more information on Oreo, email foster@anticruelty.org.

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We’re gearing up for our special Home for the Holidays adoption event, which is taking place on Friday, December 12th and Saturday, December 13th. We’ll be waiving the adoption fees for any and all animals who have been with The Anti-Cruelty Society for 60 days or more.


In addition to the Home for the Holidays event we’ll also be hosting a mini event both mornings from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. called Meet the Fosters. Currently adoptable foster animals will be on-site for adopter meet and greets, including Tobias and Queen. If you’ve been looking to meet these animals in person be sure to join us early each morning!

Meet the fosters TobiasOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA meet the fosters queenHoliday Isis  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s to giving all shelter animals the best gift of all this holiday season – a forever family!

home for the holidays abby

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