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Mr. Wiggles is quite the charmer! This adorable Beagle Pug Mix is big boned and a sweetie to the core. He’s currently in our Adoption Ambassador program where his foster works alongside staff to recruit him his adopter. The program allows for adoptable cats and dogs to enjoy the luxuries of a home while they await adoption. As you can see in the photos below, Mr. Wiggles is really living it up!

If you’d like to learn more about him, click here. To learn more about the Adoption Ambassadors program, visit our website.


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This lovely little girl is Lucy. Lucy is about 4 and a half months old. Part Beagle and part hound, Lucy is a great pup to have around. She’s very energetic and can walk for miles with her nose going the entire time, but  settles in with little fuss when it’s time to go to bed in her crate. There are a few things to note…

Lucy loves talking to the cat. (Mr. B. Of course wants nothing to do with the big silly puppy). But since B wants nothing to do with her, there are several occasions when she has followed him, trying to sniff the air without getting TOO close and, frustrated with not being able to play with him… she barks. Not ALL the time, mind you, only when she gets curious.

Lucy also LOVES people. And if we stop to chat with anyone, chances are (even though we’re working on staying down) she’ll want to jump up to say hi. She’s luckily a pretty light jumper, so no pushing anyone down, and most of the time when she’s up there she’ll bury her head into your chest for a good old head rub…but she IS a puppy, so little children might not be such a good idea around her right now, as she’s a pretty big puppy.

Since she’s a puppy she loves to pick things up. Not to eat it, but she likes to hold things in her mouth. And since at the moment she’s teething into her adult doggy teeth, chew toys would be a VERY good idea. She also loves to pick up her food bowl and water bowl to carry around, which I haven’t figured out yet. I have a feeling she just likes to be around her friends, and if that means carrying her food bowl into the living room…ten so be it. 😀

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Hi, I’m Sookie! I’m a Beagle mix, with some Corgi and Terrier added for spice. I’m just a little girl yet – 10 weeks or so. People I meet, call me “Little Miss Personality.”  I am very sweet and affectionate. And cute. I love to romp and play and explore.  Just yesterday I got up and down the stairs all by myself – what an adventure!

I am being fostered with big dogs and cats. I like to play with all these friends, and they like to play with me, although my foster mom says tolerate sounds more like it. Whatever!

I am not shy and I keep myself very busy. I am working very hard on remembering not to bite fingers and pant legs and toes. Hey, girls just wanna have fun! I like to walk around and gather up the dog toys and my foster mom’s sandals and take them into bed with me at night time. I’m just so cute.

I am learning to walk very nicely on a leash. And I run out and go “potty outside” with the big dogs…(don’t tell my foster mom, sometimes I still go potty inside when she’s not looking)… but I know I’ll get the full hang of it soon.  I am very trusting and responsive to people. I love to be talked to and I love to look you right in the face (and maybe sneak in a kiss or two).  I will meet you at the door with my tail wagging. I am alert and intelligent – none of this “dumb puppy look” for me – gotta act sharp and be with it!

My foster mom takes in a lot of doggies and kitties, and, believe me, she knows someone special when she meets ‘em. She is showing me off to her friends and putting me in the ACS blog!!!  That is so cool! I think I look cute in my pictures.

I’ll be ready for adoption to my permanent home in another week or so. I am so looking forward to it, and to going through training so I can show everyone just how smart I am and how fast I can learn. Then I can prance down the street, and pretend I’m not aware of people looking at me, and when they stop to say, “Oh, look at that cute little dog, “ I’ll look around and fake, Oh, are you talking about me? Actually, I probably won’t be able to keep from greeting everyone as they pass by. I’m just too friendly to pretend otherwise. Oh, and did I mention I’m cute?”

If you are interested in meeting Sookie, or any of our other foster animals, please contact Foster Coordinator Lydia Krupinski at lkrupinski@anticruelty.org

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