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Meet Oreo! He is one of our long-term cats here at The Anti-Cruelty Society. He is currently in foster care with foster parent, Mary, who is caring for him while recruiting an adopter. In the meantime, he is making himself comfy at her home enjoying head and chin scratches, naps, and watching television. He has even tried out some of his stretches on the yoga mat.

If you are looking for an independent cat that will join you on the couch, this may be the guy for you!

Oreo Getting Head Scratch 2.5.15  Oreo Watching Blue Bloods 2.5.15

For more information on Oreo, email foster@anticruelty.org.

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Meet Spices! His foster mom, Deborah had some very nice things to say about Spices’ stay.

“Overall, I think he is doing pretty well.  He is in my second bedroom and whenever I go into the room he may hide for a second but then comes right out and walks around the room.  He typically walks right near me but then may run back a little bit.  If I put the back of my hand out he head or side butts my hand and lets me pet his back 4 or 5 times and then he steps away again or he swats very delicately at me (without claws).  Yesterday, I had my adult niece come in the room with me and he walked around the room the whole time and let me pet him and he even sniffed her hand.

I sleep in the room with him at night and he typically sleeps on the floor about 3 or 4 feet away from me.  This morning he flopped on his side right beneath the couch I slept on and kind of rolled over a bit and exposed his stomach to me.

In terms of eating, he really didn’t eat anything Monday night or during the day Tuesday but then I brought him some turkey and he sat right next to me and ate the turkey from the dish.  He had some turkey yesterday too.  If I put it in my hand, he comes and sniffs it but doesn’t eat it out of my hand.  This morning he finally ate some cat food (dry Science diet)!  He is also drinking a lot of water and using the litter box.

Spices has started to play a little too.

He still can be skittish and a little unpredictable but I think he is just learning how to be a cat!”

Spices 2Spices 3

If you would like to know more about Spices, please email us at foster@anticruelty.org.

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Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow Fluff is quite the handsome boy! This beautiful 7 month old Siamese Mix was sent to foster for socialization and is now ready to come back to find his forever home! Here’s what his foster mom had to say about this little looker:

Powder Puff (aka Marshmallow Fluff) has to be one of the sweetest kitties you will ever meet.  One look at his beautiful blue (slightly crossed) eyes, and your heart will absolutely melt!

Powder’s favorite past times are definitely eating and playing . . . and more eating and playing!  Dry food, wet food, treats, boiled chicken – you bring something edible out, and he’ll gobble it right up!  And mouse toys, mylar balls, teaser wands, balled up pieces of paper and aluminum foil – he sees something playable, and he is pouncing on it!

Marshamallow Fluff (1)Powder Puff is super sweet and affectionate.  He loves to be pet (especially being scratched behind his ears and having his very round tummy rubbed), but he unfortunately still does not enjoy being picked up and held.  (We’ve tried working with him on it, but it appears that he is really afraid of heights.)  Powder is a bit on the shy and timid side, but he will absolutely love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally with just a bit of kindness and patience.

Powder Puff has two foster brothers whom he absolutely adores, and it is clear that he thrives on the companionship of other kitties.  He would really love to find a forever home where he would have a feline brother or sister.  That, and a small, quiet place where he can tuck himself away occasionally (he really likes on or under the bed), and he will be set for life!

We are incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to this wonderful baby, but he is very excited that he will be going to a forever home soon!  Please adopt Powder Puff today!!

Visit the adoption page of our website to watch for Marshmallow Fluff’s (aka Powder Puff’s) adoption debut at our main location at 510 N. LaSalle Avenue.

Marshamallow Fluff (2)

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We received another delightful update on our favorite foster kitty Pishtachio!

pish 2Pishstachio has really flourished in the past couple months! She is playful, talkative, and very sweet. She loves climbing and exploring new spaces, but spends most of her time in a cozy little spot (wherever her pet bed is). She’s a great companion kitty! Look at those green eyes!

If you’d be interested in scheduling a meeting with Pishtachio and his foster mom – please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org

pish 3

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Bubbles 3

“Bubbles (or Bubs as we are calling her) is my first foster experience, and what a great experience it is!

Bubs is a wonderful companion pet with a great temperament and personality; she is extremely affectionate, and loves to be near people.    She is very sweet, calm, and likes to sit right next to you, especially when you are reading or watching TV.   She is a true companion, and shows it by constantly communicating.  She talks to me all the time-and it’s almost like she talks back when I call her.


She is such a pretty girl, and comes when she is called.  She likes to play with toys, and spends lots of time rolling around on her back, sometimes hugging toys.  She would be a very easy pet for someone who is older or has some limitations, because she is very low maintenance.  She is very happy eating hard food and hasn’t been too interested in soft food at all.   She does get excited when I shake the bag of treats, however!

Bubbles 5

If you could open your home to Bubs, you would have a wonderfully sweet companion to spend time with in your home.”

If you’re interested in potentially adopting Bubbles, please contact our foster team at: foster@anticruelty.org

bubbles 7

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Kat 3

Kat is a beautiful 6 year old Domestic Short Hair who was sent out to foster care for a shelter vacation in mid-September.

Declining in sociability, not eating, and beginning to lose weight, Kat began to show us signs that the stress of the shelter was taking a big toll on her well-being, which is why she was nominated for a break from the facility.

Kat has now been in foster care for over a month and has made incredible strides in that time. Here’s the latest update we received from her super-foster Debbie:

After being at the shelter for awhile, Kat became lethargic, cranky and didn’t eat much so it was decided that she would take a “shelter vacation”.

Kat was quite friendly once she came to my house and started head butting my hand right away and she easily roamed around the room but she didn’t always want to be touched.  Kat started eating normally after about five days.

As the weeks have gone by, Kat has really blossomed in a home environment. Kat’s appetite has improved dramatically and she has gained about two pounds.  Her favorite foods are canned tuna, Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp and Deli-Cat.  She always greets me when I enter her room and meows at me when I bring her food.

kat 4Initially, Kat would let me pet her and sit by her but would definitely let me know when she wanted me to stop by tapping her paw on my arm, play biting or gently swatting.  Now, she lets me pet her all the time and loves to have her chin scratched!  She also will sleep next to me (although she isn’t cuddling yet) and has laid on my lap a few times.   Kat will still let me know when she wants me to stop touching her but it occurs far less often then when she first arrived at my home.

Kat loves to play with dangly toys and will chase the toy and roll around the floor.  She also loves catnip nibblers and will chew on them for quite some time.

Kat has been friendly with people that have come by my apartment.  She went up to my niece and went right on her lap and walked around and sniffed her.  Kat genuinely seems to like people but is occasionally a little wary.

KatKat seems to want to interact with my cats.  During her first meeting with one of my cats, they touched noses.  However, when my cats became aggressive then she became aggressive back and swatted and hissed.  Ideally, she should be the only cat but she probably could live with a calm cat if introduced properly.

I recommend that Kat stay in adult-only household.  She can be a little unpredictable if provoked (e.g., another cat riles her up) and may hiss or growl or slightly lunge at you.  However, she has never scratched me and only has done some mild play biting.

Overall, Kat is a sweet, funny cat with some diva tendencies.  I think she will continue to blossom once she is adopted and finds her forever home!

If you are interested in meeting this wonderful cat in person – please connect with our foster team at: foster@anticruelty.org We’d love for you to get to know this beautiful kitty in person!


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PK 3

P.K. (short for “Puffy Kitten”) is an absolutely melt-your-heart adorable and sweet-as-can-be affectionate little girl.  Don’t let her seemingly timid appearance trick you.

PK 2This tiny ball of fuzz is also a real ball of energy, and playing is definitely her all-time favorite thing to do.  She can hear the sound of a toy being taken out for playtime from the other end of the house!  (Her favorite toys are teaser wands, especially the Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy with the little toy mouse at the end.)

P.K.’s second favorite thing to do is definitely to eat delicious canned wet kitten food – she doesn’t really seem to care what flavor it is, as long as it’s canned.  She can also hear the sound of a can opening for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time (but don’t forget other kinds of tasty kitty treats, as she adores those, too!) from the other end of the house as well!

PK 4When she’s not playing hard or eating hard, P.K. is sleeping hard.  She doesn’t always like being held (usually because she is too busy wanting to run around exploring and having fun), but she really loves cuddling up in your lap or right next to you during naptime.

P.K.’s foster mom is incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to this wonderful baby, but she is very excited that P.K. will be going to a forever home soon!

Please adopt P.K. today!!


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