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Markiza, aka “Markie,” has been in my foster care for about 2 weeks and she is such a delight. She settled in nicely to my home. Her favorite spot is sleeping on my bed, but she likes to explore. She enjoys looking out the window and will come sit with me for petting and snuggling.

She will come out and sit at her spot when it is time to eat. She stares at me until I give her the wet food. Markie has a little wet food twice a day but mostly eats the grain free dry food.

I have 2 cats and a dog, and she occasionally wants to play with my female cat, although that is only one sided.

Markie is very playful for a 10 year old cat. She will run across the room in bursts of energy. She likes to play with the string and also my laser light.

She would make a wonderful companion for anyone.

If you’d be interested in learning more about Markie, or potentially meeting her in person, please contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org


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“She did a bad bad thing”

I snuck out the door, but I was happy to go right back in after I explored the ‘gardens’

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“Hi! I’m Buddy. I’m a front declawed, snuggly, obviously handsome (if I do say so myself), dark tabby cat currently residing in foster care. I have fully recovered from a mild upper respiratory infection and I am eager to settle into a permanent home where I can be lavished with attention.

My foster mom says I have the perfect name for my personality but what do I know? I just love being around people. As long as they are friendly, I wouldn’t mind too much living with other cats or dogs either. And you will be very happy to know that I strongly believe in using the litter box 100% of the time. A guy’s got to stand for something right? I know, I sound too good to be true. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit I am kind of scared of the vacuum cleaner, but hey, who isn’t a bit freaked out by that thing?”

If you’re interested in meeting and adopting this adorable feline – please email us at: fosters@anticruelty.org

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Sammy is quite the heart throb. When he arrived at The Anti-Cruelty Society he was barely 5 weeks old and already wooed our staff who work in our kitten nursery. His foster is equally smitten with this super snuggly kitty – and shared some photos of him looking his best.

Sammy is returning to the shelter this weekend and will be available for adoption soon. Visit our online Adoption Gallery to see him and our other available pets.

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There’s nothing more heart-warming than a rescued cat purring up a storm on your lap. That’s why foster volunteers are so eager to give animals-in-need some extra special attention. Helping a shelter animal overcome an emotional or medical difficulty is what our volunteers live for!

Arnie is one lucky cat who landed himself in the home and arms of one of our foster homes. He is a 2 year old Domestic Short Hair who was sent out for an Upper Respiratory Infection. Arnie is doing well out of the shelter. His foster parent had the following to say about her handsome friend:

“Arnie is a very affectionate cat that loves to be sitting on our laps with his paws on our shoulders while purring  loudly. Usually, he wants to be in the same room with us and prefers to sleep with us in bed.

Generally speaking, he is not a very active cat, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and isn’t very vocal either. He does not like to play with toys, not even the cat dancer, though he likes to be chased from room to room making us do some exercise. He also likes to play with laces hanging from clothes. We have had no problems whatsoever with him scratching furniture. We gave him a scratching board laced with catnip that he immediately responded to and seems to be completely satisfied sticking to it.

Like most cats, he is usually more active mornings and evenings. He spends most of the day lying on our bed. When he is more active, he likes to hide in the kitty city hide away or in the closet and will follow us around in the house exploring.  He spends some time looking out the window, but not a lot.

We are very happy to be able to take care of him.”

If you are interested in meeting Arnie, or any of our other foster animals, send an e-mail to Lydia at lkrupinski@anticruelty.org If you would like to become a foster volunteer, visit our website: http://www.anticruelty.org

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