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eira3Did you know that “Eira” means “snow” in Welsh?

It’s a fitting name for this beautiful terrier-mix girl, given the late winter snowstorm we just had in Chicago.  ==>

Eira has been hanging out at her foster home while recovering from a bum leg, but she’s back at the shelter today getting the “all clear” for adoption!

If you’re looking for a fun, active dog who is happy to snuggle, sun, or jump joyfully through the snow, then Eira is your girl!

(Many thanks to Gardner and Tara for taking care of this little sweetheart while she was on the mend!)


As soon as our wonderful vets have finished their final check up, Eira’s details will be posted on the adoption page and she’ll be ready to go to her forever home! If you have any questions, contact us at 312.644.8338 or foster@anticruelty.org.





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Thanks to Laura and Angela for taking these cuties home last week!

Ann, # 29957198; 8 week old Himalayan/Seal Point Mix kitten, brought in by a good Samaritan as a stray. Astor #29947949, Abe #29947943, Alecia #29947951; Three 3 month old Shepherd Mix puppies, transported to Chicago from a shelter in Kentucky.

We have lots of pets available for fostering! Check out the current list here.

Our Foster Program is a vital lifeline that helps to rehabilitate and adopt animals in our care. We provide all foster providers with animal care training, veterinary care, necessary medications through our on-site clinic, access to our experienced behavior specialists, and service support. All Society fosters are also licensed through the Illinois Department of Agriculture upon completion of program training. Foster volunteers are asked to supply food, toys, bedding, and accessories for animals in their care.

There are two ways you can help:

Traditional  – volunteers provide temporary housing for animals that are not yet ready for the adoption room. These are cats and dogs who may be sick, underage, underweight or under-socialized and need one-on-one care to be ready for placement into an adoptive home. Learn more about our traditional foster track here.

Adoption Ambassadors  – this new program empowers volunteers to not only care for a Society animal, but also help to recruit, screen and place them into their forever home. This unique program connects animals currently available for adoption with foster providers who are committed to finding an adopter outside of the shelter’s walls. For more information about our Adoption Ambassadors program, click here.

If you have any questions regarding our traditional foster track or Adoption Ambassadors, or if you want to become a foster volunteer, contact us at foster@anticruelty.org

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20141202_073046Queen is one special dog who has stolen the hearts of staff and volunteers alike here at The Anti-Cruelty Society!

A member of our Foster to Forever program, she is currently available for adoption while enjoying life out on the town with her foster family.

Queen is a special needs dog as she has grade 3/4 luxating patella on both hind legs – which is something her adopter should keep in mind before making her a part of their family. Learn more about Queen on her official adoption profile here.

We recently received a wonderful update on Queen’s progress in her foster home – here’s what her current caretaker had to share:

“I began fostering Queen November 17 and what a delight she has been.

She was nervous at first but Rooster, my other dog, helped calm her down.  She has been great with Rooster and my cats (they show a passing interest in her but not much).

With encouragement and tasty snacks, Queen has settled well into routine, including walking with myself and my dog walker. Despite her initial hesitancy, she now goes up and down the stairs quite well. Her luxating patella does not slow her down.  She is housebroken, so the first thing she does when she gets outside is go to the bathroom. Then she has time to sniff around. We go farther each time we walk.  She follows Rooster’s lead, and even likes to run a little bit. She lets me know she wants to run because she stretches her legs and then begins to walk similar to a trotting horse. Then she will do a short burst run and then stop.  Rooster and I join her.She wags her tail when other people walk by. She is interested in other dogs she sees and remains calm, even if they bark at her.

Rooster and QueenShe also likes hanging out with the animals and people inside the house. She enjoys watching the activity, being petted, or chewing on her bone. She also plays tug of war with one of many stuffed animals I have.

I know that she will be a wonderful addition to whomever adopts her. She has a sweet personality, is playful, and gets along well with other people and animals. She shows zero aggression. I hope she finds her forever home soon.” – Rosemary (foster mom)

If you’d be interested in meeting this sweet special pup in person, contact our foster team at foster@anticruelty.org

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Mary Raines has given us the latest on how Nil is doing! Nil is a real high energy pup that loves to roughhouse with Mary’s one-year-old dog. Nil is also doing famously with Mary’s young children. Just an all around good and playful pup! An amusing trick that he has learned in foster is to flirt to get what he wants (usually for food). Such a tease!

Also worth noting, he is doing well with his potty training. He is still very young and has little accidents on occasion, but does know to relieve himself outside in the yard.

Nil foster pic

If you would like to know more about Nil please contact myself at sbruno@anticruelty.org or Lydia at lkrupinski@anticruelty.org. To learn more about fostering go to our website at anticruelty.org.

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Jessie 1

She has very elegant lines.

Well, she’s only temporarily a peg-leg; the cast should be coming off the first week in December.

Jessie is a four month old lab mix puppy (though I suspect there is a fair amount of hound in there, judging from her gait and the smell of her coat and the occasional yodel). I’ve had her for about two weeks, now, and she is without a doubt one of the most peaceable, even-tempered puppies I’ve ever met. She doesn’t bark, she doesn’t fuss, and for such a young dog she has very impressive bite inhibition.

One of the many good things about this glossy little girl is that she has been largely self-training; I was going to give her some time to settle into the house before starting on puppy training, and so far I’ve had to do nothing formal with her – she has basically crate-trained herself, is mostly housebroken (with a few accidents that I blame on myself for not paying attention to her signals),  she knows to wait on the kitchen rug for me to wipe her feet after walks, and she can do “sit” and “down” without verbal commands. The only thing we’ve been working on deliberately is “look at me”, because when my birds are flying around the house I don’t want her to fixate on them. So far, so good; she’s curious about them, but she has not exhibited any kind of stalking behavior, and is easily distracted from them even when they are flying fairly close to her. This bodes well for a future forever family with small animals.

Jessie 3

I like how she hoists that cast up over her head to get it out of the way.

One of her most endearing traits is her easy lope. I have yet to see her walk anywhere, no matter how short the distance; she has a slow lope, and she has a fast lope, but nothing that resembles a walk. She also has an adorable high-stepping prance that she uses whenever she chases a ball or sees someone that she wants to meet. She has a lot of stamina for walks (lopes), and the peg-leg doesn’t slow her down at all (though it does tend to make her drift to the side a bit). In the house, she settles down quickly with her toys. She does sleep a lot, but between the leg healing and just being a puppy that’s nothing unusual.

Jessie wants to meet EVERYONE – men, women, children, guys in uniform, women pushing carts, joggers, cyclists, dogs of all shapes and sizes  – she doesn’t care, she’ll go right up to them and solicit attention. She started out a little skittish around loud vehicles like buses and garbage trucks, but in our daily walks I’ve been desensitizing her to the roar of machinery, and now her only response is curiosity.

She’s a lovely dog, and I’m looking forward to watching her development over the next few weeks. Maybe some nose work…certainly she’s already a star when it comes to finding my socks. 🙂

Update: December 5, 2013

2013-11-30 14.38.08 copy

Jessie on her first long walk through Lincoln Park.

Jessie got her cast off a little earlier than expected, on November 22, so I brought her back to home to work on regaining her strength and range of motion, and give her some time to bolster her immune system, which took a hit during the stress of the break. Within a week or so she was using her former peg-leg almost all the time, and now almost two weeks later she is cavorting and spinning and jumping up on furniture (with permission) as if there was never a problem. She doesn’t have as much muscle mass on the leg that had the cast, but with adequate feeding and exercise it is coming along nicely.

Her personality continues to be delightful; she’s polite, makes great eye contact, checks in a lot (without prompting), and is perfectly happy in her crate. She does prefer to have her person in the room with her; I have her wire crate in my living room, so she can still be a part of the activities even when the crate door is closed. She’ll also sit nicely in the tub during bath time.

Jessie, worn out from her vet visit.

Jessie, worn out from her vet visit.

Right now we’re working on “touch” and better leash manners. Her leash manners are generally pretty good, but she does get very puppy-excited whenever she sees a person-dog-leaf going by. She’s fairly easy to distract, though, so the behavior doesn’t become problematic.  She has shown zero resource-guarding behavior, and has a good, solid “drop it”, which came in handy the other day when she scooped up a dead rat during our morning walk.  I only had to tell her twice before she surrendered her prize, though I have to admit the command was delivered in a very shrieky tone of voice. (I politely declined the puppy kisses for the rest of the day.)

She has a hearty appetite, and has never refused any piece of kibble. I’ve learned the hard way not to give dogs people food, so her tolerance for table scraps is unknown. I do give her a spoonful of yogurt with her morning meal, just to keep her gut flora healthy (not that we’ve had any problems on that front).

Performing her heated back bolster duties.

Performing her heated back bolster duties.

The bare patches around her eyes and in her armpits (from the stress of the broken leg) are starting to fuzz over again, so she should be looking pretty good in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the panda eyes are kind of endearing.

The paw touch and soulful gaze are irresistible.

The paw touch and soulful gaze are irresistible.

If you’re interested in meeting this darn near perfect puppy, please contact The Anti-Cruelty Society at 312.644.8338, or email foster@anticruelty.org.

Update: December 7, 2013

I just had to share these cute pictures of Jessie with Santa.

jessie frame

Update: December 10, 2013 – a word about housetraining

Even though she’s just a puppy, Jessie has almost perfect doggy bathroom habits. I do take her out on a regular schedule – between 6:30-7:00 am, 10:30-11:00 am, 2:30-3:00 pm, 6:30-7:00 pm, and for one last pee between 9:30 – 10:00 pm. (We’re working on gradually extending the time between outings, with the goal of getting it down to 4x/day.) Overnight, she sleeps quietly until she hears me stirring in the morning (or when my birds start squawking to be let out). No overnight messes, and in the month I’ve had her she’s only peed on the floor three times (all my fault, because I just wasn’t paying attention to what she was telling me). Occasionally, she will need an extra potty break outside of the usual schedule, and she will always tell me very clearly what she needs by going to the front door, walking back to me, going back to the front door, and staring meaningfully until I get my coat on and take her out. I’ve fostered older dogs with much less control than that, and words cannot express how appreciative I am that I don’t have to spend most of my time running around cleaning up after her.

Another great thing about Jessie is that she does her business quickly and without fuss – no walking around in the freezing cold waiting for an engraved invitation. She pees in the same spot every time, and she poops in the same area every time. She does prefer to do her business in the bushes, but I can’t tell if that is a pre-existing preference or if it’s just because that is the place where I always take her.  In this weather, the quick taking care of business is much appreciated. 🙂

Update: December 17, 2013

This puppy is impervious to bad weather. Snow, rain, ice, slush – she just plows right through it and enjoys the heck out of herself in the process.

We’ve been working on basic training a lot lately (because some of us don’t want to spend THAT much time outside, knee deep in snow). She developed a pretty solid “touch” over the course of only a few short sessions, and the other day we added “high five” into the mix.  Last night, we did a sequence of “sit”, “touch”, and “high five”, all without verbal cues.  She’s such a smartypants.

Jessie LOVES snow!

Jessie LOVES snow!

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Angel3Angel has been in foster care for a week and a half and is doing fantastic!  She is now approximately 5 1/2 weeks old and kibble has been introduced to her puppy gruel.  She has a very good appetite and has also resorted to diving head first into the kibble bag if I am not preparing her meal fast enough.  However, she is generally content to sit at my side and watch me as I prepare her dish on the counter.

This little girl definitely has an opinion about things and is not afraid to use her voice.  We have been working on waiting for her to give calm behavior before she is let out of her pin.  Some days she is more patient than others but she is beginning to realize that calm behavior brings her more reward from me.


Angel loves to interact with the other dogs and is smitten by one of our houseguest, a labradoodle names Milo.  These two are often engaged in running around the house and diving into the dog pillows.  Angel is quite rambunctious so I often have to set some play boundaries to keep her from becoming too excited.


She will be getting her vaccinations updated over the weekend and should be ready to have her spay surgery in about 3 weeks.

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4 week old Angel posing for the camera

4 week old Angel posing for the camera

This little girl certainly lives up to her name!

Angel was brought into foster care on August 7th. She is only about 4 weeks old and will be in foster care for approximately 4 weeks.

With the exception of a minor cough, Angel seems to be a healthy, spunky little pup who approaches each new encounter with lots of enthusiasm and curiosity. She loves to give lots of kisses and cuddles.

She is currently being introduced to pee pads since she is too young to be taken outside for potty breaks. She is also being introduced to crating.

Angel is trying to figure out pee pads

Angel is trying to figure out pee pads

To prepare her for life in the city, her foster mom is introducing sound socialization CDs throughout the day to help Angel get accustomed to things she may encounter out in the world. She is also learning social skills from the multiple resident dogs in her foster home.

Angel has bonded with rottie foster brother, Brutus

Angel has bonded with rottie foster brother, Brutus

So far Angel enjoys being handled and her foster mom does multiple handling sessions with her daily getting her use to being touched and massaged all over and being comfortable with being held and restrained.

Although she hasn’t yet been introduced to formal training, she sits automatically and is content to patiently watch her foster mom prepare her meals. She also responds and quickly comes running when her name is called. She should be a joy to train.

Angel strikes another pose for the camera

Angel strikes another pose for the camera

This Angel will be a heavenly gift.

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