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Mr. Wiggles is quite the charmer! This adorable Beagle Pug Mix is big boned and a sweetie to the core. He’s currently in our Adoption Ambassador program where his foster works alongside staff to recruit him his adopter. The program allows for adoptable cats and dogs to enjoy the luxuries of a home while they await adoption. As you can see in the photos below, Mr. Wiggles is really living it up!

If you’d like to learn more about him, click here. To learn more about the Adoption Ambassadors program, visit our website.


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Blizzard or no blizzard The Anti-Cruelty Society’s foster program is hopping! We’re continuing to send out animals left and right and are receiving wonderful updates about animals out in care. Like the one below from foster mom Erika about her current charge Butterscotch, the adorable Pekingese Chihuahua Mix.

Princess Butterscotch (fka Butterscotch) came to stay with me because she was very stressed at the shelter and wasn’t eating.  She needed to gain some weight before her spay surgery so a shelter vacation was requested.  I brought Princess B in to the house and she made herself right at home running over to the cats dish and helping herself to some kibble and grabbing one of his mouse toys.  This made me laugh since she had rejected even high value treats at the shelter and was so willing to eat kibble in a new environment.

Her previous family let her on the furniture (she claimed her spot on the couch that first evening) and I have continued letting her sleep on the furniture although she does sometimes choose to sleep on the various dog/cat beds throughout the house.  Although Princess B is a little slow to trust, she is an absolute cuddle bug once home.  She wants to be with me at all times and will wake up from a nap to follow me in to another room.  Her favorite is to cuddle on the couch while I’m working or in the evenings.  If I leave the apartment for a few minutes she stays right at the baby gate waiting for me to come back.  She does whine a bit, but doesn’t bark.  She is crate trained and, although not always happily, goes in the crate and sleeps through the night.

Princess B is a protective little girl and does bark when she hears people outside the building, but is easily redirected.  As she gets used to the noises this seems to be getting better.

She loves to go for walks and enjoys sniffing everything!  She is a little leash reactive and has a tendency to bark at strangers, but this is something we are working on.  She is both potty trained and pee pad trained.

Princess B is a very picky eater, but loves some of the chicken stew type canned dog foods and I’ve been mixing in boiled chicken to help her gain the needed weight.  Unfortunately she had a touch of kennel cough from the shelter and she is now on medication to resolve that.  Hopefully she’ll be back to gaining weight when she is feeling a bit better.

This little Princess is so tolerant and doesn’t react to being handled at all.  She allows me to give her pills or medicine with a syringe.  I have cleaned her ears, paws and trimmed her tail fur.  When she’s back to 100% we’ll take a bath as well.

Princess B is living with an older cat and is probably the most relaxed foster I’ve had around him.  She will run up next to him and egg him on to play (he wants no part of that), but she is accepting of his choice and then leaves him alone.  She is not a hard chewer so loves her Nylabones and her Kong Wubba.  Her Kong Knot toy and small stuffed toys are favorites for fetch.

This beautiful girl would be a great and easy addition in to homes without small children and, ideally, a family where she wouldn’t be alone more than 8 hours a day as she does value her together time.

Interested in learning more about the foster program? Great! Click here for details on how you can get involved.

If you’re looking to connect regarding Butterscotch or another foster animal, email us at foster@anticruelty.org

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Jessie: In Foster Carejessie 1jessie 4jessie 2***Jessie Update 2/7/14: Please note that Jessie has been transferred into foster care with our buddies at Be Fido’s Friends and is currently available for adoption through them.

Jessie has been through quite the whirlwind in her short young life. She was adopted, became sick with kennel cough, broke her leg, returned to the shelter, went to foster care where her leg heeled, flared out with demodex mange and is finally starting to balance out.

This beautiful and spirited puppy has been through so much, and despite, still has a fantastic attitude and zeal for life! She’ll be coming in today with her foster mom for another medical check-up – and if all looks good – will be heading to an adoptive home soon!

Help us attempt to recruit adopters so our beloved Jessie can be home for the holiday by sharing this post with your family and friends! Interested parties can contact us at: foster@anticruelty.org

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kaylaWe have lots and lots of underage pets in foster care this summer – and love getting updates on how each one is doing. Here’s an update on a wee Hound Mix puppy, named Kayla, who went into foster care because she was too young for her spay surgery.

She quite the character already. Quite the busybody.  She’s settling in nicely. As you will see, she’s find her favorite blanket. Guess she’s a little diva since she likes the leopard print.

This little fur baby is hilarious!  I had her sitting in my lap while I sent a few emails for work and what does she do? Climb on top of the desk and start working too. Guess she felt like dusting.  What a ham!

Kayla is now trying to figure out how to fit her fat belly under the couch.  Priceless!

Are you interested in joining our team of foster parents? Learn more about what it takes and what we provide on the foster page of our website here: http://www.anticruelty.org/fosterprogram/

kayla 2 kayla 3

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burt 1

Burt is an adorable one-of-a-kind puppy who originally went out to foster care because he was too young to go up for adoption. He’s just one week away from graduating to adoptable status and is flourishing in his foster home.

Here’s his current caretaker’s description of this smart and lively pup!

Burt is a beautiful 8 week old Spaniel-mix puppy!  Burt is up for adoption through The Anti-Cruelty Society, but is currently being fostered until he gains a few more pounds.  He is excited to find his FOREVER HOME!

Since recovering from a stuffy nose and cough, Burt has really come into his own!  He loves to romp around and is still a bit uncoordinated, which makes for lots of laughs!  He loves to run through the house with a small rope or old bandanna!   We are working on using the phrase “go potty” to get him used to eliminating when he hears those words.

He sleeps in the kitchen on his own, usually in his crate with the crate door open.  Burt has been going for walks with a small harness – he runs then stops to shake some leaves, then runs and stops and shakes the grass around!  He’s too funny!

He is at the beginning stages of house-breaking & pee-pad training, is learning the command “sit” and is spending lots of time playing with his big “foster brother dog”!  He is white with brown spots & ears. Burt LOVES to cuddle, he is very playful, enjoys tug and is motivated by praise & petting.  You’ll fall in love with his big dark eyes, playful ways and loving personality!

If you’re interested in meeting this adorable puppy, send us an email to: fosters@anticruelty.org

burt 2

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Huckleberry Finn 4Meet Huckleberry Finn! This handsome little pup went out to foster care after coming down with kennel cough – though you wouldn’t know if from his alert stance and big smile! He’ll be in his foster’s care for a couple of weeks while he recovers. In the meantime, we have a quick update on his status for you below:

“He’s eating well, really nice temperament, and he’s pretty smart as far as training is concerned. He’s not very bitey either and is already quite the celebrity in our neighborhood.”

If you’re interested in fostering pups like Huckleberry Finn, consider joining our foster team! An application, and details, can be found on our website here.

Huckleberry Finn 3

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Fraulein: Puppy for Adoption from The Anti-Cruelty Society

Meet Fraulein!

Fraulein is a super-sweet, playful 10-month-old shepherd mix puppy who is spending the holidays with me, enjoying a needed break from the shelter. As a young pup, Fraulein LOVES to play and is easily distracted – she wants to meet every person she sees and explore the source of every noise, and sometimes her energy seems limitless! But she displays such utter joy at the same time, which makes it doubly fun to play with her and indulge her love of fetch, tug-of-war, and running through the park.


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